Walked around the yard today….

and found these! Enjoy!

This is a Bleeding Heart bush. I put it in last year for just that spot. I hoped it would last through the winter in the barrel since it didn’t get put in till the end of the summer and it did! I always wanted one of these.










This pretty blossom is from my little apple tree. I have big ones, too, but this is my little Winesap Apple Tree. So far I get 2-3 apples from it. I read an article on a blog somewhere about framing your topics and using the 2/3 rule. I’m trying it out on a couple of these. I love how this came out.

Remember those pots I painted¬†on the tops of my fence poles earlier this spring? See “Have Pots will Paint” if you missed it. Well here they are with the Barberry Bushes filling out and growing. If anyone tells you Barberry grows quickly…don’t believe them. It took about 4 years before they started to really take and grow to any extent. Now they go like gang busters and I want to prune them for shaping this year, but I like how the pots sort of peep out the top. This will be even more so later on in the summer, but you can see what I was aiming for even now.




I wish the guy I talked to before I bought 25 of them had known they were deciduous. I wanted something evergreen to form a hedge as fencing on that side of my yard. I’m still looking for something I can put along my fences that will be evergreen other than boxwoods or junipers… neither of which I really care for. Perhaps willow hedges. They grow REALLY fast. :)




Lastly, these are growing in the barrels with my Stella D’oro lilies. I know I planted them but for the life of me I cannot recall what they are and the little tag I usually leave with stuff is gone. Anyone have any ideas?

Think that’s it for now, but I’ll have more soon I’m sure. :)¬† Checking on my cakes!


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5 thoughts on “Walked around the yard today….

  1. Beautiful! I love those bleeding heart flowers! My favorite! Thanks for sharing.

  2. beautiful flowers!

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