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The Journey to Blogdom

So here I sit at my first blog page. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this for some time now, but somehow just never got around to it. So often I have things I want to share with people, stories to tell, poems to share, and creative writing muscles in general to excercise, and nowhere to do those things. Now, I do. I hope you will come back to visit me often and I hope I am disciplined enough to keep up with this. lol.

For my first blog, I think I’ll talk about… blogging. (original, eh?). The search for a site to use was exhausting. There are a great many sites offering this service and they all seem to offer much the same things. Some are more graphically fun to play with, allowing more freedom in the look of your blog. Some are not as lenient, but offer more services and resources. WordPress was the second. I do wish they would allow the setting of font styles. I think that more than anything was something I struggled with. I’d find a layout I liked, but the font was butt ugly. I suppose a coding genius could have tweaked it but I had trouble with that since the coding for these things is monumentally confusing to a pure novice like myself. I think what sold me on it was the ability to save my archives (if I’ve read the services correctly at least!). I would like to keep copies of my posts just in case something happens. That way I can always re-post them if needed.

I also hope I can figure out how to add pictures to my posts. That will probably be the next thing I work on. For tonight this is enough to sort out. lol.

I’ll wrap this up for now. Not very interesting I know, but it’s a start, right?


2 thoughts on “The Journey to Blogdom

  1. It is a start, and a good one. The moral of the blogging story is to just keep up with it – which, by the way, is not that easy. Life gets in the way. The conundrum is as follows: If you have lots to write about, you have little time in which to write it.

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