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My Ideal Saturday Night

I'm a homebody. It's winter and a big snowstorm is rolling in, but the hubby and I are tucked up under a warm quilt, watching a new movie on TV and having our favorite hot drinks, which would be cocoa or spiced cider. The dogs are tucked under the quilt and up against us. The woodstove is full of wood and crackling gently, giving off the most luscious heat. We can hear a soft hissing outside as the snow pours down, but all is right in our little world.

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One thought on “My Ideal Saturday Night

  1. I’m wracking my brains trying to determine where it’s snowing in August. Or is this just a figment, a dream? If so, it’s a good one. I’m in Florida, which is at present Africa hot. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make a snow angel under that tree. I crave cold. I think I knit because it’s easier to IMAGINE snow when you’re knitting.

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