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Elfin Hood

Well, I decided I needed to get back to my knitting. It’s really been a lifesaver. It doesn’t hurt that I love to do it as well. But that’s a tale for another day. I have so many projects I want to get done, but was not going to start anything until I got a couple projects totally finished first. This is the first of those projects. Now its not being done was not entirely by my choice. The yarn I used is put out by Cascade Yarns, which I really like. It’s called Eco-duo. It is by far the most wonderful yarn to knit with that I’ve ever used. It’s 70% undyed baby alpaca and 30% undyed merino wool. Those who know what those things are will know that this yarn is baby soft and it was hard not to cuddle it as I knitted. lol. I won’t lie, it is rather expensive. Not as bad as some, but nothing you will find at walmart or even most craft stores.

Anyway, the pattern is called Elfin Hood. It is put out by Green Mountain Spinnery. Now I know it shows it as a child’s hood, but I went up one needle size and made the 18-24 mo. size and it fits my adult head perfectly. I wanted to finish it to wear last winter, but miscalculated on how much I would need. Since I made it a little bigger, I needed a second skein to finish, which, as it turned out, was harder to get than I thought it would be. So here it is, August, and I am finally done. I took a couple pictures of it and wanted to share. Now this is my first time doing this blog, and hence my first time trying to pictures in, so hoping this turns out well.


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