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It’s me again.  Thanks to my friend Vanessa, I got to see how comments worked and I made some changes to the settings. (once I figured out how!) They should show up better now than they were before. Thanks Vanessa!

On the knitting front…starting to hate double knitting. lol. Adding earflaps to my “want to finish finally” project and have had to do it 3 times. Perhaps REdo it would be a better word for it. As if it weren’t confusing enough to figure out which thread gets what done to it each row, I’m changing colors every couple rows. Oi!

Today was gorgeous! It was the perfect temp out and its been cool again at night. Thank God. That heat spell was killing us up here. If you live in a hot weather zone, God bless you, but we up here in NW Mass are not used to 100+ degree days with brutal humidity. This whole week is supposed to be great temps and cool nights, although we do have rain coming in. We need it badly, so that’s actually a good thing to hear.

I’ve been working on some more jewelry, getting ready for a show coming up. Eventually I will have my site back up again and will post it here. I have a business called The Rose Moose. It’s all handmade jewelry and gifts. Hubby is learning stained glass as well so we will be adding that to the items we make and sell. Right now it’s mostly jewelry. I’ll post some photos and such in a few days.

Dragged out my dehydrator and am gearing up for the food “putting up” time of the year. I didn’t have my own garden this year, but thanks to a guy named Potato Joe who sells local produce from the farms nearby it’s easy to get things in bulk. I have about 10 peppers to slice up tomorrow and he should have a big bag of them this week or next. I use a LOT of dried peppers all year. I’ll also get carrots from him to shred and dry. I still have plenty of dried squash from last year, so probably won’t bother getting any this year. Did you know that if you slice the summer squash thin and dry them then sprinkle a little sea salt on them they taste better than potoato chips? And much better for you, too.

Anyway, I haven’t liked the prompts on Plinky the last couple days, so this is rather a rambling post. lol. I’ll sign off for now. Have a great night all!


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