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The Baby has Launched!

Ok, well a little launch, but still…

I sent my book out to a publisher today. Book 1 of a trilogy, that is.

It’s odd. You can edit it over and over, Read it and yes, enjoy it. You can show it to a few choice people while you sit and hope they don’t say, “Omg, what an ugly baby!” But it’s a whole new feeling when you send your baby into the bigger world, to someone with no vested interest in your or the book. Yet! They have no qualms about telling you your baby is ugly.

“I’m sorry but your baby’s head is lopsided and too big for their body. Their feet are too small and your son may as well have been a girl for all he is going to be packing.”

You stand there, aghast that anyone could have said such horrible things about something you slaved over for months and months. The uncounted hours of labor that went into birthing your baby into the world. Did they not have any decency at all? Did they have no conscience? Were they complete monsters?

Sighs… yes, it’s a harsh world you are sending your baby into. The best you can do is comb out its snarls and tangles the best you can. Pinch its little cheeks to make them rosy. Dress it up in something pretty so that it gives the best first impression.

But in the end, its very life is determined by someone else’s appreciation of it. Someone you have never met or spoken with will decide if it lives or dies, molders away somewhere, or has a glorious debut.

All you can do as a mother is stand by, wave and smile, and hope you prepared it the best you could.

Be kind nameless, faceless ones. Be kind to the mothers and fathers who are hoping you see the same value that you do in their baby. Be kind when you point out its flaws and inadequacies. Just…be kind.


3 thoughts on “The Baby has Launched!

    • I have no idea. I’m hoping its not toooo long. I figure they have a lot of manus to read so I would expect maybe a couple months? Pins and needles… pins and needles. hehe

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