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My Fair Isle Hat Project

Ok, so I wanted to learn Fair Isle knitting. I just LOVE that style and all the colors and patterns. I decided to start with a hat. The pattern is called Icebreaker Hat and its put out by Green Mountain Spinnery. If you look that up (not sure how to do links in this yet 😉 ) you’ll see what it looks like when someone really knows what they are doing makes it.

Still, I am very proud of it. I love the colors and overall am happy with my first try at it. I do plan to make another but this is good for now. It’s very warm and thats the main thing right? You will also notice the lack of ear flaps on mine. I’ve been working on them for a couple weeks now and they never come out right. I’ve tried and retried and retried about 6 times and by this point am mortally sick of them. So for now…. I’m leaving the flaps off. It worked fine last winter and I’m sure it will work fine this winter. Sometimes you just have to choose your knitting battles. LOL.


5 thoughts on “My Fair Isle Hat Project

  1. Hi I really like the colors of your hat. You can always add the ear flaps later, maybe in a solid color, it might be easier. Happy knitting, Judy

  2. TIP: Don’t write a comment and hit the subscribe button BEFORE you post because you’ll lose the comment. So, I reiterate…

    I like your hat and agree with Judy that flaps can come later. Like I would know. I can’t even finish a pair of socks.

    I look forward to reading your blogs. I enjoy commiserating with other knitters, masochists that we are. I have been glued to a book (My Name is Mary Sutter…I highly recommend this read) and put the needles, and everything else in my life, aside for a few days. But I’m baaaaack…and will probably start to knit again this evening after I read a few more of your posts. Thanks for your visit to my blog, and I look forward to becoming friends. Patsye

  3. I’ll try the book. I love to read and my Kindle is my bestestest friend after my husband. lol. If you have never read any of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s books you really should, She is also known as the Yarn Harlot. Her books are very easy reading, have patterns in some of them, and she explains things in such a down to earth, pragmatic way that even “I” can understand them. (which is really saying something, lol)

    Thanks for the tip about the posting. I’m completely new to blogging and have a lot to learn about it as you can see. When I post this do you see it on yours? Not really sure how this all works to be honest.
    Look forward to becoming friends and reading your blogs. I really enjoyed it this afternoon! Jeanie

  4. I am with you on the Kindle. I made the mistake of buying an IPAD and should have just bought the Kindle. There’s a new Visio (sp?) at Costco that has everything an IPAD has, except it also has Flash (for movies) which only the IPAD II has, and that’s my husband’s Christmas present. Maybe even his birthday present which is sooner than Christmas. They’re around $300; where I paid $800 for my already-out-of-date IPAD.

    I know this comment is in a “thread” and it only shows on your site and on this posting. It does not come up on my accessible blog, but I can access it by going to “Me” on the top of my home page, and then clicking on “track comments.” That’s where I can keep up with what I’ve said and who I’ve missed. Now, after a few weeks I clean my site of comments. That’s why you don’t see any comments on the older posts. It saves space, and keeps a modicum of discontinuity in case anyone is trying to glean information about my friends or my readership. Actually when I have something personal to share, I send it in an email. But I’m putting this tip here so that others who might be new to WordPress can perhaps benefit from the advice. Frankly, I’m fairly new to blogging as well, but I have heard the stories, and try to keep things pretty generic for security.

    Having said all this, I hope you’ll stick with it. I enjoy it so much, and even the friends I speak to daily on the phone read me for the fun of it. I’m the Crafting Queen in my neighborhood, and I love to share both my successes and my failures – which break about even. I’d better hurry up if I plan to get really good at anything. After all, I am….An Older Woman.

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