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Decisions, Decisions

So here I sit. It’s 2:19 am and I was just looking at some knitting books. My dilemma? What to make next. There are so many projects I want to start that I haven’t been able to make up my mind. Since I’m not the fastest knitter you’ll ever meet, I should start working on Christmas pressies. I found a pattern for the prettiest leaf-shaped wash/dishcloth and I thought they would make a nice little present. I’ll be making a batch of soap and sending that as well, and they would be nice wrapped around a bar of handmade soap. It would make a nice little pressie for a couple friends, too. I would love to make my sister something really pretty to wear, but not sure enough of my knitting skills to make the ones I’ve seen. It would have to be very lightweight and gauzy since she lives in Florida and, for some reason unknown to me, she didn’t really want a pair of nice warm wool socks. lol. I did make her a lovely pair of socks that were very lightweight and she liked those a lot.

Then there is the shawl I want to make for myself for when I’m sitting at the comp and its chilly. Course that would take a bit, I think, and I should really be doing the Christmas stuff first.

Well, I guess I answered my own question… Christmas stuff first. LOL. I know this is not rocket science, but with so much to make, so many patterns to look at, so many things I can “see” myself in… it’s not easy!

I’ve started my dehydrating. I dehydrated about 15 peppers, and will be getting some more since I use them a LOT and my supply was low. I also dehydrated a 10 lb. bag of taters. Not sure I’ll get more of those, but it’s always nice to have a few on hand to toss into stew if you run out of the raw ones.

I was thinking of adding a recipes category. I like to cook and it’s always fun to share recipes.

With that decided, I can throw my thoughts towards the storm heading our way. We live in NW Mass and while the coast is going to get the storm surges, the meat of the storm, albeit a tropical storm by then, is going right over our heads. We are going to get 6-8 inches of rain and quite high winds. I may be knitting a lot over the next couple days. 😉   At least its not going to be snow! lol. We are so not ready for winter yet at the house.

Winding down for now. This was not precisely a ground breaking post, but life is not always ground breaking either. Sometimes it just pleasantly normal. Ta for now. I really want to do a post about a book I just finished reading, so will try to do that tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I have never dehydrated potatoes, so I would like to read about that. I hope that the storm quickly passes over you with little damage! Judy

  2. The thing with potatoes, and with bananas for that matter, is that you need to cut them and throw them into a liquid with citric acid in it. You can use a little OJ in water, or lemon juice, or store
    bought stuff. They need something to keep them from turning black. Mine, sadly did not work out. Well, the shredded ones did, but the slices turned black anyway. Honestly, I don’t know why. I used lemon juice and that worked other times. I’ll try again, but I’ll try using something else. Oh, and no you don’t taste the little bit of OJ or lemon juice on them when you reconstitute them. 🙂
    Apples need to be done the same thing with.

  3. Oh, what kind of dehydrator do you have? I’ve been thinking of getting one. My sister has one and is always dehydrating all sorts of things to use in stews and soups, etc. Sounds like a great idea.

    • I have the Nesco Gardenmaster Pro. I looked at a lot of them and found this one to be what I needed the most. There is a lot more room between trays than the Excaliber gives you. I like the bottom fan better than the top blower. Hot air rises and it’s more logical to have your heat at the bottom. Gravity does half the work for the motor. It’s a little more expensive, but I use every single tray when I’m really doing a lot of it. I also like having all the add on trays, meaning the screens and the rollups trays. I’ll try to find the name of the place I got it from for you as well. Family run business and REALLY nice and helpful when you buy something from them. It may sit most of the year, but when its end of summer and fall, it more than pays for itself. The hubby also likes the jerky I make for him. Good snacks too since they are protein and low in carbs. Course you have to take care with the marinade you use, but still better than many snacks.

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