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A catch up…

Well, we’re still here. We were supposed to get hit a lot harder than we did, but others got nailed hard, so we were pretty lucky.  We were without power for about 16 hours, but thanks to our generator, the TV WAS ON! lol. Seriously…I can make do with sponge baths, but give me at least ONE light and the tv and I’m fine. But we had water as well, so it was all good, though I was eyeing my computer longingly. 🙂  There are millions up here still without power though and all joking aside, are in really bad shape. A lot of then aren’t even hoping to get power back for the rest of this week at the earliest.

I remember how that is from the ice storm a couple years ago and we didn’t have the generator then, and it was winter. Thank God and my sister and her husband, we have a woodstove so we were warm and could warm up/cook food. With filling water up at friends, we were able to get sponge baths or do dishes. But nights with lanterns and only a radio and a portable dvd player was tough. But we were so much luckier than many.

If you think of it, and you believe in this sort of thing, maybe toss up a prayer or two for the folks so badly hit on the East Coast, and perhaps a prayer of thanks as well.



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