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Green Bean Soup

This soup was a delicious lifesaver one year when the beans in my garden decided to just go wild with producing. I had beans coming out of my ears and out of all my friend’s ears as well since they got lots of fresh beans as “gifts”. My friends were starting to duck me if I had any kind of bag in my hands. lol. A friend’s husband who is a true Pennsylvanian Dutchman saved the day with this rich luscious soup. It not only tastes good fresh but freezes nicely as well. Thanks Dutch!

Green Bean Soup

Cook till soft: diced potatoes, onions and celery. When soft, drain and add green beans but in bite sized pieces, small bites of spam or ham, salt, pepper, and parsley. Cover with milk
and add a clump of butter. Heat till hot, but don’t let the milk boil. You can thicken it with some cornstarch for a little thicker soup. 

Options: You can also add chopped  hard boiled eggs.


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