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Got a tiny case of the blues…

I have so many things to say, and yet I can never think of them when it matters… when I’m at the blog. Tonight I really only have one thing on my mind…a rejection slip.

Yes, I know, it’s something we all have to face (if we are writers of any sort), and I did tell myself that. Still, it pricked me a bit more than I thought it would. I’ve waited to send out my book, mostly because of uncertainty about how to do it properly. For every book, magazine, website you read on how to prepare a proper submission letter, cover letter, synopse, summary there are 10 others who tell you THOSE people are wrong and do it their way. In the end I found myself more confused than ever and throwing up my hands in frustration. It seems there really is no “proper” way and you just have to do the best you can with the instructions they give you.

Then, if I’m to be honest, there is the fear factor. Part of you wants to send it out for all the world to love, and part of you wants to keep it safe and protected on your disk drive, never to be hurt anyone. Doing this has its own frustrations because you are sure that others will like it and how spiffy would that be?

I took the leap a few weeks ago. Today I got the rejection slip. It was polite, tried to be encouraging that maybe some other publisher would like it, but it just wasn’t for them. How could it not be for them? How could they not love my baby? Maybe I can now consider myself a writer. Not a published writer, but a writer. My first rejection letter. The dues that writers pay unless a miracle happens. Will I try again? Yes, I’ll try again, but I think I will print this one out and keep it. If nothing else, it says that I wrote a book officially.



One thought on “Got a tiny case of the blues…

  1. Please don’t give up. Join a writer’s guild and get advice from someone who’s already published. And remember that all famous writers had dozens if not hundreds of rejections before they sold a story. Believe in yourself. And keep sending out those submissions.

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