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Autumn update

I know I haven’t posted much of late. We’ve been working hard getting the yard ready for winter. We took down our screen house, put away the fountain and chairs and pretty much just tidied up. The garden on the side of the house has been cut back to the ground and I already have shoots coming up from the warmer days. That’s ok though, they won’t last much longer and everything will go to sleep for the winter.

The days have been lovely and crisp, the evenings very chilly. When it wasn’t raining that is. Still that’s par for the course. The leaves are really starting to turn and when the sun hits them, they look as if they are glowing. Those of you in places where its warm all the time really miss an autumn treat.

I’ve been baking more often now. Autumn is my fav time of the year and it really brings out the nesting and baker in me. I have 9 bags of carrots to shred and dehydrate and 15 lbs of onions to chop and dehydrate. The dried peppers are restocked now. It’s also time to start freezing apples for quick apple cobbler on cold nights, warmed up on top of the woodstove. Yummm!

Tomorrow the chimney sweep is coming. We usually have it done sooner than this, but everything seemed to need to be paid at once and we’re just getting to it. I especially love that first fire of the season. I know dragging in wood all the time is a pain, but the wonderful warmth that pervades the house is well worth it. That’s the only heat we use, so it’s especially worth it. lol.

I’ve been knitting and trying to get some christmas pressies done. I’ve not really made as much progress and I would like, but things have been hectic.

And I got a cold from my hubby. Of course HE gets it and is over it in a couple days. I get it and I have it for weeks. Better me than him though. Still, I’ve been miserable for 3 days now and I got nothing but the laundry done since Friday. sighs. Really hoping it doesn’t head south into my chest.

I found some more really funny pictures. I’ll try to get them up soon. I want to get as much done as I can before November 1. NANOWRIMO STARTS!  I have a good idea what I’m going to write about and I’ll be keeping my word count posted here. I don’t know if I’ll manage to succeed, but it will be fun to try. 200 pages in one month. Whew!

Anyway, signing off for now. Hopefull I’ll get around to having more interesting things to say soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Autumn update

  1. Wow, sounds like you have been quite busy. How do you dehydrate your carrots and onions? I love apple cobbler. Hope you feel better soon. Judy

    • Now.. dehydration. For the carrots I shred them coarsely and then just spread them out on my dehydrator trays. They dry really quickly and because they are shredded, they reconstitute quickly. I grab a handful and throw it in those lipton rice packets and even with just 10 mins cook time, they are perfect. You don’t have to pretreat them or anything first.

      Onions are the same way. I coarsely chop them, toss them on the trays. No pretreatment needed and they dry quick, too.

      And if you are feeling adventurous.. thinly slice zucchini and summer squashes (I like the squash ones the best). Lay them flat on the trays and sprinkle then with a little sea salt, or season salt, or parm/herb seasoning..whatever you like,,, and dry them. It’s fast and then you eat them for a snack like a potato chip. They are delicious and taste, surprisingly, not that different.

  2. Just came back from homecoming and saw the Blue Ridge at it’s peak. Beautiful. I loved the walks and kicking the leaves about. All those yummy smells. All that stunning color.

    Sounds like you’ve been busy. At least it’s down in the 70’s now, and will stay close to that for the remainder of the year. I saw the funny pictures in your most recent post. Loved the bird one. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

    • It’s currently in the low 40’s atm. They are calling for chance of snow on Thursday. The first of the season. Luckily we got the chimney sweeper here today instead of next week. Of course we forgot we need to replace a gasket still. It will probably get lit anyway since I won’t be able to pick it up until Friday… when they are calling for a N’oreaster and more snow chance. LOL.

      Glad you guys like the piccies. I get a real laugh out of them.

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