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How do they do it?

I must ask myself this question 1000 times a day. Thankfully some of them get answered on the show “how it’s made” on tv. Some don’t and some of these still make me ponder. Like you know those cookie doughs with the shapes in the middle? Little trees, snowmen, teddy bears, etc? How the heck do they do that? How come every office, restaurant and bar keep those little bamboos alive and no matter where I put mine or how much love I give, its dying?

Add another set of imponderables…

How do I make the widgets I keep finding work on this thing?

How come my layout is a skinny column in the center of the screen instead of taking up the full width which I would much prefer?

Why is it that the year I buy no candy, we get kids to the door but the year I buy candy, noone comes at all?

How do people get all these crafts and all this knitting done so fast? I want to show off my little miracles of completion too, but sheesh, it takes me a while to actually complete anything.

Why do chickadees in the north sing a different song than the ones down south? (I think birds have accents, but the die hard birders will probably scoff at me. I still think they do though  😉   )

Why do things I have coupons for always go on sale the day after they expire?

Ah well, I suppose I shall just have to wonder. Maybe I’ll do some digging and see if I can figure any of these out. By then I’m sure I’ll have another list of things to wonder about.

BTW.. Nanowrimo starts in a couple days. Are you all ready? I’ll keep my progress updated here. I’ll probably make it its own category. All a flutter with anticipation, aren’t ya?   <grins>

Goodnight all. Long busy day running errands and shopping and I’m bushed.

PS – If you haven’t seen Captain America yet, GET IT!  It’s very good and out on dvd/blu-ray now.


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