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A few snowflakes

Note to self: Start getting into the habit of watching the weather forecasts earlier than November from now on.

Yes, we had no idea until it had already started. We’d gotten 3.5 inches a couple days ago, but up here that barely even counts as getting snow. Besides, it was only October. Flurries, even an inch or two, not that unusual, but we rarely get big storms this early.

So off we went to do the shopping that we didn’t finish the day before. It was mobbed everywhere we went the day before and we couldn’t figure out why it was such a zoo in the supermarket especially. haha! As we are leaving the house we start to get a couple flurries. First stop, a friends store where I sell the jewelry that I make. Her husband said, “Wow, glad we are closing early today, look at that snow already.”

“Snow? It was just a few flurries,” said I.

“Didn’t you hear the weather forecast?” my friend asks me.

“No, should I have?”

About this time I’m starting to get a bit concerned.

“A foot of snow at the least is being called for!”

Now I go to the front of the store and look out and it’s an outright blizzard with the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen. I swear you could have eaten dinner off these flakes. So of course the hubby and I hurry off to finish our errands. By the time we get home, 3 hours later, there is 6 inches of snow on the ground and the roads were horrid.

These pictures were taken at 2:30 am. We had to keep clearing the door so that we could get out when we finally got up. I finally went to bed at 5:10 am and it was still snowing. I would have taken more piccies, but my camera battery died. ::rolls eyes:: The pile behind our car is the last cord of wood we got. Still uncovered and unstacked. Hoping for some warmer days so that we can get that done. We still have a final cord of wood coming. Good luck to us with that. LOL.


One thought on “A few snowflakes

  1. Oh how beautiful!!!!! I know it’s a bother when you’re in it, but it is simply sublime. I watch our weather here very carefully because some of our thunderstorms can be dangerous.

    My God that snow is beautiful!

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