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Being Thankful

For those in the U.S. it’s Thanksgiving Day. A day that is stressful for most, comforting for many and lonely for too many. For a lot of people the point is missed; lost under piles of potatoes, heaps of stuffing, a flockful of turkey and rivers of gravy. It’s sort of odd that we celebrate thankfulness for the blessings in our lives with gluttony and sloth.

Well, not to sound to preachy here because I, too, have enjoyed my fair share of gluttony and sloth, and I’m not complaining about it. LOL.

Still, I feel like I spend more time being thankful on other days than I do on Thanksgiving. Maybe its my inherent authority issues…TELL me to be thankful today? I think I WON’T! Yes, I know… horrible. Mostly I think its because the day is just so busy for most folks. Being thankful for your family is all too often easier when they aren’t there with you all day. 🙂

But food, family dramas, issues and such aside, it’s a good time to reflect on all that you are thankful for, even if you do it the day before or the day after.

My hubby is working today, which is good for the paycheck and something we are used to. We’re going to our favorite restaurant tomorrow, (for which we have a gift certificate) and going to hit a couple stores we rarely get to go to because of the distance and because its Black Friday. Yay!

Today, however, I’m thinking about who and what I am thankful for as I do my laundry.

I’m thankful for my Washer and Dryer. Yes, I know it sounds odd, but when we bought our home my greatest desire was for a washer and dryer. 19 years of laundromats was over! You really have no idea how thankful I am when I do laundry.

I’m thankful for my home. We lived in an 28′ travel trailer for 9 years, and a tiny, TINY apt until we got this house. Even with all the work it needs, it’s my lovely, little home and I adore it.

I’m thankful for our yard. Again, sounds silly, but I love that I can garden to my heart’s content. I can plan for theme gardens (some day) and where my grape arbor is going to go (next year) and let my imagination go because there is room to do so. And my dogs love running around with me when I’m out there and there is plenty of room for them to run till they drop.

I’m thankful we live in the country. I love feeding the birds and hearing the animals. I do wish I didn’t have the road in front, but there is so much to see, feed, hear, smell, and just visually enjoy that it doesn’t make me any less thankful for what I do have.

I’m thankful for my dogs. We have a Cockapoo named Baby, who was a special gift from God which I will write about one of these days and we have a Muggin named Rosey who is an adorable terror. We love them to bits and they bring a lot of love, comfort and laughter into our lives. In the case of Rosey, also a lot of cleaning up and chasing down. lol.

I’m thankful for my family. I am blessed to have the most wonderful sister ever. I’ve looked up to her since I was a kid and still do. I miss seeing her terribly but we live far apart and its rare when we get to visit. So that also makes me thankful for the telephone. lol. She married a wonderful guy and I miss seeing him as well. He is a kind, generous person with a great sense of humor and has always given of himself to me even when it was hours spent on homework with me when I was younger. And my nephew. He lives near my sister and bil and I rarely get to see him either and I miss him. He is a strong, compassionate, adventurous, fearless man and I think he’s wonderful. I’m so proud of him and all that accomplishes with his life. I wish I were more like him in many ways.

I’m most thankful for my hubby. I often think to myself, I should have married the dud. I should have had the terrible marriage or no marriage. I should have gotten the jerk. If we got what we deserve all the time I would have. But, thanks to a praying mom, I got my Michael. In many way you couldn’t find two more different personalities than he and I. He is my anchor, my tether to safety and sensibleness (word? lol). He is gentle, kind, affectionate always, calm, unruffled by very much, the best hugger ever and has warm big hands that can swing a heavy sledgehammer one minute and cup my face tenderly the next. I love him with all my heart and after 25 years of marriage I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anyone. I thank God every day for Michael. I can’t believe I got so much more than I deserved.

I am thankful for so many things they can’t all be written, but they are not to be forgotten. I hope that this did not offend anyone, but this is who I am and I’m not changing that for anyone. I am thankful for the Lord in my life and how much he blesses us even when we most deserve to be given a smack. He has held my marriage together during the tough times, smiled on us, laughed with us, cried with us and sat comfortably with us. He made all this possible for Michael and I, even in the little silly things. So I am thankful for His love and care and overwhelming forgiveness.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or living where it’s not Thanksgiving Day. Remember the things you have and are thankful for and don’t forget about them until next year.

Now eat up, take a nap, and relax!



One thought on “Being Thankful

  1. This is a beautiful post, and thank you for sharing such heartfelt words. I don’t think you got MORE than you deserve. I think you got exactly what you deserve. You sound like a wonderful person, genuine and kind, and full of honesty and appreciation. Nice people live nice lives. It sounds like you are one of those. I am happy for you. Patsye

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