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Sad News…

I just found out that Anne McCaffrey died on Nov. 21, 2011. To many of you that name will be familiar. She was my favorite author and I’ve read…no, taken shelter in the comfort…of her books for many years. Her Pern characters were so well known to me that I felt as if they were a cast of dear, dear friends who didn’t mind when I came to hang out with them in the pages of their lives.

When my husband and I moved around a lot, I never went without my beloved books and hers were the first packed. On days when I was just too lonesome and needed the company of a familiar “voice” or “face” I would open her books and visit with my friends.

She was also wonderful to new writers and gave generously of her advice and wisdom and with her fans she was unstinting in her kindness and time.

I am truly saddened by this news. Though not usually given to crying, I admit I shed more than a few tears when I heard. In an odd way she was like the grandmother to all my paper friends and to know she will no longer sit and tell me the stories of their lives is hard to think about.

Anne, fly high and far on your Gold, for nothing less would dare to choose you.


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