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I think I’ve finally found it!

Thanks for all your patience with the renovations. I’ve tried a ton of designs and finally found one I really like a lot.

My issues were with the skinny widths that most of them are. I don’t want someone reading my stuff to have to be constantly scrolling down to read the whole thing.  This one is wide enough without being too wide for comfortable, easy reading.

I also wanted custom headers. I want to be able to put up pictures that I like, or that match the season or whatever. Some of them didn’t look as nice as I wanted, or were so narrow that you could barely fit anything into it. This one is a bit taller so that you can actually make a decent piccy for there.

I also wanted my backgrounds to be independent of the writing area. This way no matter what background I put on, it won’t interfere with being able to read the text. I also love the gradient effect that is built into this one and it makes any background I’ve played with so far look dimensional and great.

So… what do you all think? Btw, if someone could test my email button I would appreciate it. <grins>



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