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Write a sequel to your favorite movie

Ok, yes I love the Harry Potter books and movies. I watch them whenever they are on. However, now that the final book and the final movie have played out, I wasn’t happy with how it all ended. The movie went along with the book more or less, but for a sequel I would pick up where the books left off.

In my opinion JK Rowling left way too many loose ends. You get people invested and caring about your characters then give them no closure with them? I honestly think she was sitting there saying, ‘I can’t wait to finish this damn series. Let’s just wrap this up and screw it, they’ll buy it anyway.”

First, the movie would start at that last fight but from different perspectives. I want to see more of what happened to the others. From there it would go into more detail of all the characters. We would get to attend the funeral of Fred (George? no I think Fred.. anyway…).

After spending all that time talking about OWLS and NEWTS and jobs, we would find out what jobs they each finally went with. Harry is probably an Auror. Just because Voldemort is gone doesn’t mean there aren’t bad guys and deatheaters still out there on the loose. There are tons that ran after V. died I’m sure. Hermoine never could make up here mind. What did she end up doing? If she didn’t become a Professor, it’s a shame. She’d be great at it. Personally, I always had it in my mind that Harry would eventually become Headmaster at Hogwart’s after Minerva died or retired.

What happened with Neville and Luna? Where are their kids? Neville went to work as a Hogwarts professor but I’d love to hear more about that.

What is Draco doing now? Is he still an odious git or did he actually learn something?

What’s Ron doing? Let’s see the weddings!

What about Remus and Tonk’s son? How is he doing? What sort of mix of mom and dad did he become?

We’d see adventures of them post-Voldemort. Kids, jobs, I’m sure their lives are still pretty dangerous and interesting.

It would all end in a similar way that the movie did. With them all sending their kids off to school on platform 9 3/4.

How about you guys? What would be your sequels?



2 thoughts on “Write a sequel to your favorite movie

  1. This is very interesting, and I wish I read, could have read, the series. I saw the first few minutes of the first movie (the part where he goes to the railway station and it changes) and fell asleep. I think it was after work and I was tired. So I never got into the movies either. I don’t wear glasses while reading, but I can’t see things either in the dark or that are dark very well. Harry Potter is dark. But then I never read Lord of the Rings either. I think I might put these on my list because everyone raves about them. But I’ll also hope you write, so I may read, the sequel that wraps it all up so I too won’t be disappointed.

    So it was you putting all those wonderful numbers on my stats page. Well, I didn’t open the “shooth” because as I was coming in, people were moving out. The shop, which is huge, is not doing well, and I believe I made the right choice. I am however continuing to create. It is what makes me happiest (besides the great round of golf I had yesterday). I don’t live in the country, but it is my goal in life. I have had my time in the city, now the burbs, and a country garden with edible growing things (especially berries) is the stuff of my dreams.

    I don’t know if I’ll get to the soap-making point. I am getting on in years. At least I feel it. My son, my only child, died five years ago this October, and I have aged about 20 years in the process of healing my grief. It is only recently, about the past year and the inception of my blog Whimseytopia that I have had some joy. My writing and my arts and crafts keep me going.

    And nice people like you. Thank you for keeping up with my posts, and thank you for your comments and helpful advice. I love your idea of hotpads from needle punch. That really is a good application for this needlework, and I will definitely take your advice; maybe holiday themes done in sets. Thank you very much for this – I’ve put it in the “idea” book.

    My husband is stirring (it’s Sunday morning) and I’d better get breakfast going. I think we’re going kayaking today as our golfing yesterday wiped out our fun funds for the weekend. Kayaking is free. Have a good rest-of-the-weekend. Love the snow on your beautiful header. And love your new header and blog style. It suits you. Happy Holidays. Patsye

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