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Amigurumi Messarunie!

You walk into the craft store and can’t help yourself. You are drawn to the book section. Sitting there staring you soulfully in the eyes are the most adorable tiny doggies. Ami Ami dogs they are called and they are crocheted. They don’t look that hard. You should be able to stitch these up pretty quickly once you get the hang of it, right? And they will sell wonderfully, you just know it.


Amigurumi. It’s very popluar right now. Its Japanese and I think it means tiny animals. Don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure thats what the book said it translates as. Anyway, I digress.

I get the book, because the dogs are just too cute to stand and I get the right sized crochet hook,  and off I go to create my little pet store of doggies. Of course, being me, I also went online and downloaded more types of animals done the same way. I was ready!

Let me explain something about tiny… they mean it. TINY!  The little circles aren’t too hard to get the hang of but then you have to make the 4 legs and the ears and the muzzle. These ended up being very difficult to do. Very.

After you spend hours making tons of these little parts, your fingers already cramping from working so small and having to fiddle a lot, you get to stuff them. This doesn’t sound too bad, right? Home stretch, easy peasy, right? WRONG! Try cramming stuffing into something that is so narrow that even a pencil won’t fit into and you know what filling those legs was like. None of the other parts were any better other than the head. Two hours later, hands futher cramped and fingers aching even worse, you now just have to sew it all together.

This turns out to be the WORST part of the whole project! Getting them sitting right, in the right places and making them stay there is terrible. Stitching these tiny parts so that the stitches don’t show and doesn’t bend, twist, warp or shift them is terrible. Gripping and pulling that metal needle in and out of tiny little spots is terrible.

Did I mention this was terrible?

Now, 5.5 hours later, you have a dog with no face, legs that are in different places, a rounded butt, and a muzzle that is a bit cock-eyed. You still have to sew on a face. At that point you look at this little dog and make the artsy choice of leaving it faceless. It can be “the every dog”. Uh-huh. You don’t buy it either but by this time you don’t really care either.

Your knuckles are swollen. You can no longer straighten your fingers or flex your hands. You have holes in your fingers from the needle, which you had to keep stopping to suck on till they stopped bleeding so as not to ruin your precious creation.

This was my result. Will she have a little doggie family? No. She is a lonewolf. Will she be the first of a financial windfall? No. I don’t think you can put “Pain and Suffering Price” on it and expect anyone to buy it. It would be roughly the cost of a small car. Will she ever get a face? No. Remember she is “the every dog!”. Weren’t you paying attention?

Crafter beware. These little faces will lure you in with their adorable faces. Download one first and try it before investing in a book and finding out that you have just entered the “Amigurumi Messarunie” zone.



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