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Country Roads Christmas – Part 2

So today we  set out to finish our tour of shops. We had 4 shops left that we just couldn’t get to yesterday.

Today was a leather shop where everything is made from scratch. I love the smell of new leather and the stuff they made was really beautiful. We had 2 Alpaca farms which had me drooling over the stuffed animals made with alpaca fur and the gorgeous full capes. The one had lucious yarn made from their own herd and the owner hand dyes. It was beautiful and so soft to the touch, but that’s something you have to save up for at $18.00 for a small skein. The other one had mostly hats, gloves and socks in natural hues which made my tootsies yearn for on a cold winter night. lol. The last shop was an antique shop. The owner was all decked out like one of Santa’s elves right down to the bells on her pointie boots. It was fun looking around the kitchen section and seeing so many things that I have in my kitchen and still use. (and see how much they were worth! lol )

We handed in our cards after the final stamp and tomorrow morning all the participants are having breakfast at one of the local restaurants on the tour.  They will be pulling the winners then. While, of course, we really hope to win, the truth is that we already won. We had a wonderful two days together, the weather was stunning and I can’t wait to go back to some of them again.

When we got home it was dark and we decided to ride around the road nearest to us because they tend to put their lights up early and guess what we found???  One of the houses had done their lights with the music linkup. They had tons of lights and shapes and sculptures and all of it is choreagraphed to match music. You can find stuff like this on You Tube, but I never thought I would see one in person. Yet there it is one street from us! The especial nice thing is that you tune to a certain station on your radio and thats the music its synched to so the neighbors are blasted by music from huge speakers all the time. And no matter what music plays, it responds to it in all different kinds of ways. It was really special to watch and we’re going back this weekend again with some hot cocoa to watch longer. 🙂

So if we win any of the prizes I’ll let you all know!



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