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Little birds all in a row

I know this isn’t the time of year to buy yourself things, but when I saw these I just had to have them. I love birds and I know these were selling out as fast as they came in so I got them while I could. I bought them from the store where I also sell my handmade jewelry and gifts. So for your birdy enjoyment…

I wonder if this would fit into my header space… muhaha!

I know this isn’t much of an actual post, but its been so hectic this week and I didn’t want to miss on my post a week thingy! 😉 I’ll catch up in a couple days.


2 thoughts on “Little birds all in a row

  1. I love these birds. They are so cute. Are they made of wood?

    Your header is gorgeous. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🙂 Judy

  2. They’re made of resin. One even held up to our puppy getting hold of it shortly after I brought it home. I think that was more luck than anything, tho. LOL.

    Have a great Christmas, too, Judy!

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