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A Little Froggy’s Song

((A number of the things I write have to do with my personal beliefs. I love allegories and most of them are a type of allegory or story. None of these are posted to offend anyone else’s belief structure, but they do represent a side of me and, as such, I post them.))

A Little Froggy’s Song

A froggy sitting out on her lily pond,
smugly happy with her surrounds.
It was fine and sunny day,
one where the warmth of the sun abounds.
Tho the waters swirled around it, rushing past her little perch
She just sat on her sturdy rock, praising God, a little froggy’s church.

Most wouldn’t have even noticed
the little frog as they passed along
Croaking happily to the sky, her voice raised in prayer and song
But there is One who notices
and hears every croaking sound
And knows she gives it all she has
unfettered and unbound

So next time you pass a lily pond
and see a frog just sitting
Don’t assume its doing nothing,
You may find that all unwitting
You are witnessing the love of God
for even the tiniest little thing
And find yourself beside the Lord of Hosts
listening to a little froggy sing.


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