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Share five things you’re good at.

I sat down to work on this and just stared at the white “paper”. I thought this would be interesting, but also pretty easy. Boy, was I wrong. How much easier this would have been had it said ‘share five things you are bad at’. I could have filled this page in minutes. Am I the only one who finds it hard to think of all the good things you can do? What’s that say about us? What’s that say about how much negative we must take in every day without even realizing it? I’m going to give this my best shot.

1. I’m very creative.  I love crafts of all kinds and view my house as a canvas waiting to be crafted upon. TBH the house doesn’t get nearly the work on it that I want to do, but as time/money/ideas/energy allows I keep plugging away. I enjoy doing a number of crafts on a fairly regular basis and hope to increase that this year. Mostly, right now, I do jewelry, polymer clay, wire work, soapmaking and knitting and crocheting. There are a few other things thrown in, but they aren’t things I do regularly.

2. I’m very good at reading. Ok, this is maybe not what they were thinking of when they posted this prompt, but it is something I excel at and have ever since I was a child. I love to learn new things, learn new little facts and tidbits, delve into fictional lands with characters who become my friends, find comfort in reading things I read when I was little with my mom, learn how to do new things that I can share with or give to others.  So, I count this.

3. I’m a good cook. No, I don’t make a lot of fancy pants things, although I have in the past for special occasions, but when it comes to good stick-to-your-ribs stomach filling food, I’m great at that. I make great homemade breads.  I love to experiment with bread and am always playing around with different ones. These days I do use a breadmaker mostly because my hands hurt too much usually to do the kneading by hand, but often I just use it for the kneading part and then take it out and do the rest by hand. I’m also gangbusters at stews and baking. One of these days I’ll put more of my recipes up for you guys to try. 🙂

4. I’m good at writing.  Now, this might be somewhat debateable I suppose. It’s a subjective thing. I do feel that I do a good job of cutting to the core of things when I write songs and I enjoy the art of storytelling in both my poems and my books. So perhaps others may not agree, I do think I do well at writing.

5. This one I hesitate a bit on because I haven’t done anything with it in about 8 years. Still, I am/was very good at it. Musician. I’ve always been able to play whatever I picked up. By the time I was out of high school I could play 13 instruments, and read for most of them. I play enough of others to entertain myself or do my writing, like the piano. In college I was a music major, in a round about fashion, which is another story. I was doing independent study under the head of the music department and wanted to major in theory and composition and learn to conduct. I’ve been in bands, choruses, orchestras, marching bands, a drum and bugle corp for a short time, folk groups, church groups, you name it. I used to write a lot of songs, but haven’t for a long time. So while I don’t do anything with it now, although I do hope I will someday again, I was very, very good at that.


Maybe these aren’t the sorts of things the prompt was referring to, but they are how I took it. Maybe they meant more social skills, or interpersonal skills, I don’t know, but since I’m not as good at those things, I’ll go with these. lol.

What are your five things?



4 thoughts on “Share five things you’re good at.

  1. I wish I had five things I could say I was good at. I WAS a good nurse. I got a lot of cards and thank you notes from my patient’s family, and sometimes the patients themselves over the decades. I’ve saved many, many lives in my time in the ICU, and I was very good at CPR. I was intuitive and very careful in my practice. I guess that’s the “good” in my life. I still know enough to keep you alive until you get to the hospital, and it was just last week I was at the scene of yet another auto accident where the car rolled, but the occupants were OK (because they had their seat belts on) and didn’t need my assistance.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been really good at anything since. I dabble in everything, and everything seems to interest me. I’m not really a good writer, and I’m an OK cook (though I love to cook now I am really restricted on what I can eat so my cooking skills will surely fall away as well). I love to read but I’m not good at it. It takes me forever to read a book, but I do stick with it. I read a lot, but then I have a lot of time so I get a lot read. I’m a mediocre artist, and because I like so many art forms, I never really got good at any one of them. I see so many artists who are really good, and it’s difficult for me to even begin to compare mine to theirs, so I don’t. I love to make art, and crafting is my salvation. But I’m not really what you would call good at it. I’m a better-than-average golfer, but only because I’ve been golfing for so long. I can still regularly beat my husband at the game, but that’s not saying much.

    OH! I’m a good driver. I’ve had one ticket in my 50 years of driving, (so long ago I can’t remember the year, but it was in South Carolina – go figure), and one accident, and they hit ME! Actually I’m a great driver, and never go through a green light without looking both ways. That’s saying something, and I taught my husband not to trust any intersection or believe that those who have a red light will actually stop. Often they do not. I learned that in nursing.

    I’m a good friend. I’ve many friends who have been with me since I was in my late teens and early twenties. I stay in touch. I write letters, and send cards. I’m there for them, and they’re there for me.

    Probably more than you asked for, but nursing, golf, driving and friendship. That’s four! Patsye

  2. That’s a great four though! I think its more about quality than quantity anyway. It also gets you thinking, I think, on a more positive level.
    Now as an outsider, I do think you are a good writer. I enjoy what you write. You make me laugh, smile, think about things. Writing isn’t just about being a perfect grammatist. It’s about how it makes others feel and think. (imho)

    The fact that you were willing to stop at that accident and that you CAN offer help means, to my way of thinking, that you are STILL a good nurse. I could never do nursing. I’m too squeamish and not social enough. Being a nurse is just having skills. Having a nurse’s heart is another matter. That’s special.

    As for cooking, Patsye, don’t give up! No matter what kind of diet you have to be on, there is food out there for you nowadays. Even gluten-free food is getting easier to find in the supermarkets. Make it a committment this year to find 25 new recipes that you CAN eat and that you really enjoy. You committ to this so I know you can do it!

    I think its a great response.

  3. Another reason you “run” a good blog is because you respond to your readership. I like that a lot. I love when people say insightful things on my blog, or just compliment, but you are so much better than me at responding. I click those “notify” follow-up things at the bottom, but mine don’t work. Why is that? They don’t work on any blog, not just with yours. I need to contact WordPress and see what the problem is.

    And I just hit your playlist, and love your choices. I love Irish music (for starters), but what was so comical about this is I couldn’t get it to work until I realized I didn’t have my new speakers on. I’ve been turning them off at night because they are new and I’m thinking that they’ll last longer (which is silly). However, in doing so I am saving energy, which I suppose makes it worth it. Never heard of Elan, but I’m going to Pandora now. Thanks. And thank you for all those compliments. Back at you. Patsye

  4. Thanks for letting me know it works. As for the speakers I cannot tell you how many times I’ve logged into my game (mmoprgs) and couldn’t figure out why noone was talking to me in ventrilo, only to find out I had my speakers off. LOL

    Thanks for the encouragement about the blog. Been feeling a bit…unsuccessful…lately, but I need to put myself out there more or I can’t expect people to find me, right?

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