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Merry Christmas to all!

It’s now 5:26am on Dec. 25th. We got naps this afternoon so we could go looking at lights later without falling asleep so now we’re awake. Since I’m awake I thought I would share a couple things.

First, look what my beloved sweetie gave me! I love the colors and there are a full dozen. (I counted 😉 ) He really is the best. He said I haven’t brought you flowers for no reason for a while and when I saw these I just had to get them for you. Have I mentioned he’s the best? <silly grin>



Phones. Really, you can’t live without them, but you can drop them in stew, throw them against a wall, sit on them, trip on them, pull them out of puppies mouths, find them in the freezer…  Needless to say we’ve been through quite a few over the years, but the ones we have now are just driving me out of my mind. They don’t do any of the things we bought them for, but can we find the receipts? No, of course not. Plus the store we got them isn’t very close so we’ve been stuck with them. Then the bill keeps going up, like everything else, so we made a decision. We bought cell phones. We bought a smart phone for the sweetie. Yes, a real live welcome to the 21st century phone that does everything but cook dinner for you and clean your toilet. We found a company to use through a friend who had found them. No contracts, very very reasonable prices and fits our needs perfectly. Did I mention yet that its going to be over $20 a month CHEAPER than the phone company? Yay! Big outlay initially, but going to more than pay for itself.

We needed two phones, however. One for him to carry with him all the time, and one for the main house phone (or to go with me). I just got a cheap phone, but it has caller ID. texting, (which I have no idea how to do), and messaging (replacement for the answering machine), so it should be fine. Going to look into having the house phone unlisted, but not sure you can do that with cell phones. Still, it will be an improvement.

Now you are asking yourself, you know you are, why would the sweetie get the state of the art, does everything but cook dinner and clean the toilet phone and I get the cheap phone? I knew you were going to ask that! Well here is the reason. This is MY christsmas pressie this year. 🙂


Yes, this is a brand new Nook Tablet. I have a kindle and I love to read on it and play the games, and I looked at the Fire, but after having spents hours and hours researching it all, I went with the Nook Tablet. The Fire is probably the number one returned item this year unfortunately. It had a lot of potential and will probably be much better by the third generation of it, but it was rushed out for the holiday sales and was far from ready. Well, this isn’t a sales ad, so I’ll just say that I’m loving my Nook so far. There is a real learning curve, though. At least for me. I feel so Jetson-ish now. LOL. We had to get WiFi in the house for it as well, but that will also help with my Kindle (which I still use cause I have lots of books on it), and with our blu-ray system in the living room which gets updated from time to time via WiFi. We are soooo space age now!

If you buy one though, I seriously suggest buying the book for the Nook Color. It was 30% off at Barnes and Noble so it was a good deal, too. The book you get on the nook is barely useful, of course. Since it does a million things, I was lost, so I think the book is going to help alot since it goes through all the basics and then hits the more advanced features. The only thing it doesn’t tell you about is the Hulu, Netflix, movie streaming stuff, since thats the Tablet but not the Nook Color. The rest will work though.

Anyway, we had a really lovely holiday. Today we are having lunch meats, salads, cheesecake and curling up all day together by the woodstove with some movies. I need to make a big tray of stuffed shells for the sweetie to take to work for their potluck dinner on  Monday, but that won’t take long to make. It’s going to be wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Remember the real reason for the holiday and spread some love around. It’s not what you have, it’s who you have it with that matters.

Merry Christmas all!





6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all!

  1. I have a nook Colour since last year and love it. Haven’t had a chance to see the new tablet yet… I have been playing with the thought or rooting my little nook to make it a tablet….but so far it is still doing what I want it to do and then some 🙂 Have fun with your new toy and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. Yeah rooting them seems to be very popular. Even the book I bought which is an actual nook issued book tells you how to do it. Problem is.. it voids the warranty. Not sure I want to do that with something that is not just new to me, but new to the market.

  3. I feel very caught up! And you all sound very “wired” now. We do have a home phone, Vonage, because we can call the “grandchildren” in England and talk for days at no extra charge. Your service provider for your phones will either have it on their website or they will tell you how to keep your phone information off caller ID. There are websites for Do Not Call registries for both cellular and land lines. It takes awhile, but well worth it. I just wish I could get rid of my spam. I have a list by the computer that is growing with names of companies I will AVOID because they have so many pop-ups and ads on my emails: Metro PCS will never get a dime from me, they are so irritating with their constant pop-ups. I bought my husband a IPad2 for Christmas (I have the original), so our bedroom glows at night now from our touch screens and apps. He’s thrilled; I’m over it, though I love to read. Honestly, I love all this electronic stuff, but if there is such a thing as radiation from these devices, I am surely going to be glowing WITHOUT my IPad. Ho Ho Ho. Patsye

    • LOL. A glow in the dark Patsye. giggles.

      Yeah, I’m going to be looking into it although I did hear that they are trying to pass a law that cell phones will not be exempt from those robo-callers so the peace and quiet may not last long. mutters.
      I’ve been on the no call list for years, but there are so many ways around it and they don’t really keep the preventions up to date so I am still pestered a LOT.

      Hey Patsye, can you tell me if this music player works on your end? I want to make sure that I’m not the only one hearing it and that I have it set up right. Thanks oodles!

      Glad you are feeling caught up. I just feel….relieved. It’s very quiet here though. It’s just the hubby and I since our families don’t live close by. We had a wonderful holiday, but I still am glad its over. I think I stress myself out more than I need to do.


      • The Mixpod works perfectly. Really great. I want it for my site, but I’m bogged down at the moment with continuing holiday obligations. I get one thing done, and another pops up. All good stuff, but I will be glad when things calm down. Happy New Year.

  4. It’s very easy. Well, sort of easy. You have to choose WP format and depending on your theme you may have to go into the html and just make it a little smaller. This player was actually a little too big for the space I have it in for example. I narrowed it and shortened it to keep the right look and its fine. WP is sort of odd. Every other blog has just a code snippet, but on WP it auto sends it for you after you put in your WP login stuff. It made a post sort of, I think. I took it from there and pasted it into a text box and put that where I wanted it on the page. Then tweaked the size.

    Ya know its odd. WP is, supposedly, the biggest most used blog, but its the hardest one to find cool apps for and get them working. They need more “toy” items to spruce things up, imo.

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