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It was just this one time…honest!

That’s how it starts. You buy that pre-packaged, pre-made, pre-frozen box of food and swear to yourself its just this one time. It’s been a busy week…you’re extra tired…its on sale… but in your heart, you know its more than that. One prepackaged food leads to another, and another, and another. Next thing you know you are darting around the store, looking furtively over your shoulder for anyone who knows you, going from one bright, shiny display to another. You start stashing the gloriously unfrugal, pre-processed goodies under your lettuce and veggies in your cart. You breathe a sigh of relief when you reach the car, unwrapping a twinkie and stuffing it into your mouth with an almost orgasmic rush of pleasure. You have a monkey on your back…and if it were wrapped in a colorful label you’d probably try to eat that, too.

This is not a cautionary tale of gluttony, or perhaps, maybe it is.

I’ve become fairly annoyed with myself of late. Years of dreaming of my first home, what I would do, how much room I would have for storage (ie canning, drying, jamming, etc.) I would have my garden every year, have plenty of room for bringing in my harvest. I would be happily busy running my dehydrator, pressure canner, canning pot, stock pot all at the same time. I’d be a veritable whirlwind of frugality and creativity.

Uh huh…

Somewhere along the line, I rediscovered the ease of buying spaghetti-o’s in a can, cake mixes in a box, canned fruit instead of fresh, frozen veggies instead of my own, etc. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing in and of itself wrong with buying these things. They are very handy to have on hand for times when you just need a bit of something quick. But when they replace good healthy food almost entirely, then something is very wrong.

I love reading all the sites on frugality and homesteading. I smile with understanding when someone pulls up nice big veggie out of their first garden. I grow envious of those who can do a shopping trip for 27 people with $13.25. I used to do better than I do. I used to do much better. So what happened?

Well, my house, which I love to bits, got ahead of me. My rooms are full of stuff that “might be needed” but then is never used. My memory of space allotment seems to be skewed because the item I see at the yard sale always seems smaller until I get it home, where it grows distressingly larger than I actually had room for. I started to buy shortcut items instead of making my own. The downward spiral began.

I’ve made some decisions. I need to better organize my time and reorganize my home. This is the year I get a grip on all this and, at least try, to get a handle on it all. I’m going to take it one room at a time, because otherwise it just feels overwhelming. I’ll start the “throw it out”, “sell if off”, “donate it” piles again. If we aren’t using it, won’t be using it, or just don’t have room for it… it goes. Storage will get gone through the same way. Once I’ve made room again, I’ll start the process of pre-making my OWN foods and mixes. This summer I WILL have my garden again.

Will I ever have one of those minimalist homes you see in magazines? No. I don’t even like that look. I love the feeling of warm, soft, comfy, whimsical things around me. But I can organize these things better. And if you are wondering, no it’s not to the point of seeing me on any upcoming episodes of “hoarders”, but it’s not the way I want things either.

So hang in there with me as I go through this process 🙂


7 thoughts on “It was just this one time…honest!

    • Hey put a follow this blog on that site! Really fun to read and I can’t wait to try the bagels. I know I tried to make english muffins once. They tasted “ok” but they ended up about half the size of real ones. Just never got around to trying them again.

  1. OMG! I so know what you mean!!! I used to do my own pickling until this year… I just couldn’t and we didn’t eat many pickles, since we like them *sour sour* and we just can’t find them to buy the way we like them… but we do like pickles.. so I should really do it again next year.. I will! I swear!

    I did use my dehydrator more though LOL I love dried Banana chips! I didn’t can ONE bite this year…. Not ONE BITE! I should be ashamed of myself!
    I do a lot of cooking with fresh fruit and veggies though. Nothing frozen, almost no canned… ALWAYS my own stock for soup.

    With only 960 sqf of house I have to check what I keep also… So I totally know what you are talking about! Almost everything has to do at least double duty in my house or it won’t come in LOL…

    Maybe we can keep each other on track this year LOL 🙂

    Oh.. and I do love an occasional twinkie! ;D

  2. I so agree. I think we should be each other’s cheerleaders! I think I’ll make a page to keep track of what I accomplish. giggles. It’s a daunting concept. I’m tired thinking of it. I think I’m going to start in my front room where all my craft areas are. Our house is 1350 sqf., but I swear it feels smaller. lol.

    I did manage to get 1/2 a bushel of peppers diced and dried, and 7 lbs of carrots as well. I buy them in bulk from a stand where they come directly from the valley so they are right out of the dirt, so to speak, and he always has very good prices.

    I learned that sometimes its just cheaper to buy the veggies from someone like that than to spend the money and time growing them. I need to find out where these farms are though and see if you can go pyo. In NJ there were a couple commercial farms that allowed that and the prices were “dirt” cheap, pun intended. lol

  3. I will cheer you on, but I will caution you slightly. My story is simple. If I bought it, there was a reason. And if I sell it, give it away, or throw it out, I invariably need it shortly thereafter. Just me, maybe. But think about labels and an overhang in your garage. Keep a book which lists contents in boxes and then locations of boxes. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. The time you’ll save in the long run makes this kind of organization worth it. But I agree, especially with clothes, to donate. You will NEVER be your high school weight if you are a normal human being, and even if you weigh the same, you won’t be the same shape.

    I like a cozy house, and I’m a label-maker aficionado on steriods. …partially because I don’t see well, but mostly because I have a memory like a sieve.

    So caveat thrower-outer! And was it you I read made the homemade marshmallows? PS: I’m still loving your playlist.

  4. hehe thanks about the music. It’s some of my fav stuff and I let it play in the background a lot. 🙂

    The marshmallows was not me, but that sounds intriguing. I would imagine its may be something like a taffy candy? Hmm, but that wouldn’t be puffy and mm’s are puffed with… air maybe? Ok now I need to look that up. It’s all YOUR fault!

    I used to label but then in various fits of laziness I just threw stuff wherever I had room. Now nothing is what its labeled. I hate getting rid of stuff for the same reason you do, but unless I want to be the next hoarder episode I just have to suck it up and do it. 😉

    Hubby is working on my comp tomorrow. Probably have to reformat. The virus, or the virus killer I ran, did something to windows itself. I can go to websites like this one, but anything that has to run an .exe is toast.


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