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I knit, therefore, I am…

With the holidays, and their rushing around, over its time to choose my next knitting project. I’m stuck between two. I thought I had decided, but early this morning I decided to take a closer look at the pattern. I was again struck by how pretty a shawl it was going to be, and how warm it should be.

Then I started “really” reading it.

Ok, you guys know what I mean here. Of course, you look at a pattern, but usually you just more or less scan it. The picture of it is really what sells it and makes you want to spend the money on the yarn and think about how much you will enjoy using your finished item. But there is that moment when you realize you have to get into the meat and potatoes of the pattern itself.

I had that moment…and I went from excited to a mild case of panic.

There wasn’t a section of this pattern that I understood. This was so much above my skill level that I quailed at the prospect.

The other project is actually a series of smaller projects. It is a poncho made up of 12×12 sampler squares. Each square is different and if you guys have seen books for the sampler quilts you will know whhat I mean. Of course, the pattern is actually a bit different, but I’m adapting it my way. I can’t often do that, but with this its hard to really go wrong. My squares will be a bit bigger, they called for 10×10 squares, but since I’m also quite a big bigger than the model, I figure it will work out in the end.

I suppose I’ll start with the second and maybe after all the things I’m going to learn from the sampler squares, (they will also be challenging at my level) I’ll be able to attack the other one with a bit more confidence.

Besides, I’ll get to share my squares with you all as I finish them! lol.



2 thoughts on “I knit, therefore, I am…

  1. Oh I feel your pain. I can’t tell you how many patterns I’ve bought, sat down with, read, and then decided I needed a Ph.d in knitting to knit them. I still, after decades, have not finished a pair of socks.

    Good luck with the project. Squares are fun, and I’ve made many. It’s fun learning new stuff. My only advice is to lightly check off what you’ve done on the pattern so you don’t get lost. I do that with ALL my patterns now. Saves times. Saves angst (for later use). Happy New Year. Patsye

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