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The Unsung Christmas Heros

Every year we sing the praises of those we perceive to be heros. This is not to take away from those who are, but we have forgotten the unsung heros of the holiday season.

Our lighted animal friends.

They live in a box for 11 months out of the year, unthought of, undusted, uncared for. Yet, like the troopers they are, come December, they proudly stand on our lawns, lighting the way for Santa and bringing smiles to the faces of those who see them. We smile as we drive up and think to ourselves, “didn’t we arrange them nicely this year? They look so natural.”

They say nothing, but perhaps they burn just a little brighter for the praise.

Christmas is over now, however, and we are thinking of the approaching new year and reminding ourselves that its time to put away our decorations. We pull out the boxes that our faithful animal friends call bed and head out to our lovely, “natural” scene.

This year I rounded the corner and this was what met my eyes. My faithful deer was lying down, giving its last bit of strength for the cause. Her head was feebly bobbing up and down still, as if by sheer will she could rise again and stand proudly amidst the trees.

These are the heros of our holidays. Before you put them away for their long rest, take a moment to remember how they looked, sparkling in the cold night air. Standing in defiance against the cold winter winds and the snows that fell. Pack them gently, my friends. Give them a good bed to rest upon and come next December, they will again stand proudly in their lighted forests, bringing smiles and sparkle in the cold, dark nights.

(ps…I had a video of this that was really funny, but WP won’t let me put up videos.)  🙂


One thought on “The Unsung Christmas Heros

  1. You can link your videos, especially Youtubes. I don’t have a premium site, and I link videos all the time. In fact, I’m linking one tomorrow. AND, by the way, I LOVE the love letters, and I’m going to write one tonight. thanks. patsye

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