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Looking Familiar?

No, you aren’t imagining things. There are some posts which have been reposted. I made them posts rather than pages and this was how I figured out how to do it. 🙂 I’m working on setting up a blog for my business, The Rose Moose. It’s a link on the side of the page atm. There are just three things up there and they are really just space holders while I figure all this out. Not sure I even have those particular earrings available, but just borrowed the piccies for now.

Anyway thanks for your patience. 🙂


One thought on “Looking Familiar?

  1. OMG! The music playing, before I clicked to comment, was Classical Gas by Mason Williams. I don’t think this was his original version, as I knew that with every neuron in my brain. I think it might be a live version. I also liked it by Sounds Orchestral (I think that was their name). That had lots of violins going; perhaps you can find that on Youtube. (I’ll go look now) There is a possibility that the sound coming from your site is not as good as it was. ??? Not sure about this. I like your background paper and new header. We’re all itchy to change things up. I too am opening another site with stuff for sale (my patterns). I hold little hope of making a go of this because of so much competition, but it will never happen if I don’t try, right? Good luck to both of us. I’ll be back often – you now this!!!

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