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Nook Tablet Case

I took a short break from my shawl to make this case for my Nook. It’s made out of angel hair yarn and is the same pattern I used for the sweetie’s cookie monster scarf because I loved how sturdy that came out. (did I post that here? hmm I’ll check and if I didn’t I will.)

I don’t like the little red button, though. I’m going to look around for something with a bit more pizzazz and make a better tab loop for it. Also, since the tablet is also in a leather case that bends into a stand its overall thickness is about an inch or a bit more. So I did the body of the case in one long piece then folded it in half. The sides I tried taking a page from sock knitting and I picked up the stitches sideways down the side from top to bottom of the bend. I did 3 single crochet rows back and forth so it looked like a long tab sticking out. I then whip stitched it to the other side and did the bottom to close it. This way it fits the Nook perfectly with a little room to add a cord or papers or whatever. Hope that made sense. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nook Tablet Case

  1. YAYY! I have a nook too! I splurged and got an Oberon case for it. Love the little pouch you made for yours to go over the leather cover! I might have to make one too! (Although my nook stays protected at home most of the time…..I’m frantic with it and am always worried something will happen to my precious. I love it lots, if you can’t tell….! LOL)

  2. LOL. Yes, I can tell! I love mine, too. Although.. small thing that bugs me a little. I have a kindle as well and I still shop there for “freebies”.

    Amazon has a MUCH better selection of free books and they go in themes. One much they will have a lot of mysteries, another month they will have a lot of cookbooks, etc. And they offer more than just self published books. ( i have no problem with those at all btw), but its nice to get something free besides just those. B&N does not do as good a job as Amazon at this. So I still sometimes will download a book to my Kindle to read.

    Hopefully they will get better about this part of their service.

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