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Changing things around, adding things, experimenting…

You’ve probably noticed that there are some different looking posts on the site. I’ve been trying to expand my subscriptions and looking in to other ways to get my blog out there. So I am now listed with StumbleUpon and Delicious. Honestly not sure how much Delicious will do for me, but StumbleUpon is a lot of fun to look through. I’ve found all sorts of fascinating sites through that. I hope someone will find me that way, too. 🙂

The posts look a little different and I’m going to try to personalize them a bit more by adding my own comments, stories, information etc. to them.

You will also notice  I have a new link called The Rose Moose. (Logo left) That’s my shop (still a WIP). I sell handmade jewelry and gifts. I also sell them in a bricks and mortar store in town, but I wanted to expand (hopefully) to the i’net. There are prices listed and shortly there will be Pay Pal information. I just haven’t had time to get that listed yet. The list of items will grow, but this is what I have for right now. I’ll be adding more soon. I’ll also be keeping you posted when new items get added.

Still working on my shawl, although the last few days have been a bit busy.  The more I read of all your blogs and the new sites I found, the more my fingers itch to get back to it. I already have so many new ideas of things I would like to do!

Thanks for being patient as I experiment and try stuff out!






2 thoughts on “Changing things around, adding things, experimenting…

  1. Good for you Jeanie. I’ve been bogged down with my Rn recerts and renewal, and I would be completely finished if it weren’t for a cancellation of the CPR for HC Prof yesterday. Now I have to wait until Monday.

    I have so much to do with my site. It’s a bit intimidating. But I can see you are going to be motivating for me. I’ll watch you accomplish things and know that it can get done; I just have to do it. It’s that “showing up” part that is so hard. And our weather has been so yummy lately, I’ve been outside as much as possible. This is the time of year you can be outside – not too hot and to cold.

    Love the Moose. Yours? Did you paint it? It’s adorable and I’m waiting for the story.

  2. Yes, I designed my moose logo. Her name is Rosey. I was trying to find a name for the business. I knew I wanted something “country-ish” but all the ideas I had were already so over done. I wanted something a bit different. When I found the plain moose graphic I loved the look of it. The sweetie and I talked it back and forth, up and down, and actually he came up with the name Rose Moose. I then designed the rest of the logo around her, but then made it sort of a play on words. She isn’t rose colored but she does love snacking on the rose arbor around her. Anyway, we thought it was cool so it stuck. 🙂

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