Progress of a Shawl

As promised, or threatened 😉 , here is my progress on my shawl. Getting that strip to 72″ seemed to take forever, but I finally got it done and started on part two of the pattern. I “think” I’m doing the one stitch right, but since there was no real name for it, I couldn’t look it up to double check. It looks sort of like the one in the picture, although maybe not exactly, but its working and I still think its a pretty look.

The pattern has you carrying yarn for entire rows though and that’s very annoying and makes doing things far more annoying. I know how some of you detest knotting, but I finally said screw this and am only using one color at a time. None of the pattern calls for two colors in a row, so the carrying seems like a pointless waste of yarn and addition of aggravation that I just don’t want to deal with. The knitting is now going faster, smoother, and far more easy. (and easier on my hands, too).

In the picture they use only two colors but its a LOT of green so I’m going to alternate every third set with a creamy white to give it a little splash.  I’ll take a pic and show you how that comes out. See what you guys think.

Anyway here it is. I can’t stretch it out fully, but you get the idea. Oh, that was another thing. The pattern called for using 29″ circ needles. When I finally squeezed on all 72″  it was really tight, so I switched it to my 48″ circs. MUCH better.

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