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Getting a few things off my chest…


Sitting here looking at the page and thinking of all the things I’ve been learning recently. Blogging, and reading lots of blogs, really gets your creative juices flowing, your mind exploding with ideas and your fingers itching to be doing something fun. (behave!) It also makes you think about other things and I’m going to share a few of those.

crafts1. While I have always considered myself a crafter, I seem to do less crafts than before. I knit more and that’s a craft, I even crochet more, but I haven’t really done anything else but those things for a while now. I kind of miss it. I never seem to find the time, and honestly, I have plenty of time. I just need to really get myself organized better.

2. Frugality. Some people do frugal out of necessity, some because it’s the “in” thing to do. I read a lot of sites on being more frugal and some folks get it, but some really don’t. I read one site (and its noone from my friends sites, I assure you), and the person was making their own laundry soap. Now, unless someone in your house has serious allergies, it really isn’t cheaper to make your own laundry soap. At least not the way this person was going about it. They had to buy 5 items to make this soap. I know the items and know how much they cost. They aren’t cheap. Then they threw it all together and tada! Homemade laundry soap. Well, here’s the thing. If you added up the cost of all those items


Image by coneslayer via Flickr

they had to buy, it would have been cheaper to buy a store brand or noname laundry soap in the store. Sometimes, on some things, buying SMART is the more frugal choice. It works out great on some things, but do the math my frugal friends, before deciding that what you are doing is saving you anything. Sometimes, its not.

4. On a similar note, I feel a bit humbled by all the frugal things people are doing and which I am not. I used to be better at it. Much better. I’ve gotten a little away from it, but really want to come back. Money is tight all around and it would benefit the sweetie and I immensely. I looked around my house today and realized how many things have come from yard sales, estate sales, etc. and feel pretty good about that. I have some really beautiful things that only needed a little elbow grease and TLC to make them gorgeous again. I have to say that I am good at seeing what could be in items and reusing them lovingly. ‘


Image by ladybugbkt via Flickr

5. On a still similar note: Couponing. Oh my Lord, there are coupon gurus out there that amaze me. I felt ashamed to be sitting there drinking my non-coupon bought soda. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But something I have learned. The ability to coupon well, and successfully, seems to be a regional thing. Tell you why I say that. On all these sites, you read on how they spend hours cutting coupons, mapping out a shopping strategy on which stores to go to that week for which sales. (which I also did long ago to a smaller extent). They always use their double and triple coupons. They are armed with all the manf. coupons they clipped. And they get $375.00 worth of food for $1.95. Well… I set out to do a better job of shopping as well, then I discovered something. The stores up here don’t DO double coupons, much less triple coupons. In fact, they hardly have any coupons in their papers even. The manf. coupons up here are always “buy two, get !.00 off” or some version of that. There is just two of us. If I spend $5.00 to get two $2.50 items, and I get $1.00 off, I’m still paying $4.00 for two of something I only really need one of.ย  And they are always the name brand stuff I hardly ever use anyway, since the store brand is just as good and cheaper even without the coupon.j In other places I’ve lived this hasn’t been the case, but where I live now…it’s terrible for the frugal wannabee. sighs.

6. I keep finding more wonderful sounding recipes than I will ever get around to making. Yes, you folks are good cooks. There. I said it. I am a kitchen procrastinator, even though I like to cook. I am determined to make some of these recipes this year.

7. I think maybe I should work on doing some “how-to’s” for the blog. I see so many doing that and its not something I ever thought of doing. Not even sure I would be good at it, but I may try to find something to do that with. Maybe while making soap, which I need to do again soon. Hmmm….something to think on.

Anyway, there it is. If you’ve made it this far, bless you. lol.



2 thoughts on “Getting a few things off my chest…

  1. This is a great post, and I really enjoyed your thoughts. I agree with almost all of it, especially about the coupons. I buy mostly fresh, or head to Costco. There are never coupons for apples, oranges, fresh veggies, or meat. It’s either on sale or it isn’t. I buy a lot in bulk and freeze. That saves me money. Besides, I don’t want to do anything to encourage more junk mail. I wish it would all go away. They are useless coupons as far as I’m concerned.

    But I do like the idea of making my own soap, though I’ve never done it. I like the idea of the independence of it. Some people are just so handy. I wish I could be so.

    Frugality comes with age. I am often frugal, but then blow my savings on something whimsical like those $200 punch needles (WHICH I LOVE). But what better way to get your hands on $200 than by saving it someplace else. I can be a penny pincher big time. I think it’s fun to save money – and fun to spend it. Truly, there is little I actually need any more. I have crafts supplies enough to start a shop.

    Thanks again for this thoughtful post, and as usual, GREAT MUSIC. I love coming by to read and listen. Patsye

  2. Making soap isn’t that hard, but you do have to follow the steps pretty closely. It’s mostly all about timing. The dangerous part is using the lye, but if you are careful even that isn’t a big deal. It’s harder to get now though because its illegal to sell in regular stores. You have to order it now from chemical companies which sucks. All because of meth/crack heads who have figured out how to use it. (mutters). I’ll put up my basic recipe one of these days.
    Glad you like the music ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to go to the site and see if they have added any new ones. It seems to me like the same ones play over and over. I may look into that.

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