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Ain’t it the truth!?

When I saw this pic, I just knew I had to share it. I have two small/medium dogs. A Cockapoo named Baby and a Muggin (Carlton’s Pinscher) named Rosie. Both weigh in at about 20 lbs. One is a total furball, the other has short very sleek fur. Their personalities are yin and yang, salt and pepper, frick and frack, but they both have two things in common.

1. They consider your lap/shoulders/belly their domain and when you aren’t moving too much that is where they have to be.

2. They aren’t happy until they are in bed with you; the furball on top, the muggin under the blankets curled into the crook of your armpit.

Even with a double bed, picture two pretty much sums up how I wake up. Sheesh.




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