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I’m late…

…in doing my postaweek and in getting back to some of you through comments. I’m sowwwwy!

My usual mail program (Outlook) has been taken over by another mail program (my isp one) and isn’t letting emails through. I have to go do the ISP one to read my mail and that one is horrrrible to use. So I’ve been a bit frustrated and have said “forget it!” more than a few times. I tried to get back to some, but I didn’t get to all. Sweetie will be fixing it this weekend since this is his weekend off.

So instead of something deep, pithy, insightful, brilliant or yummy today I’m just going to say a few things.

First, I want to thank all of you who have been clicking like on my posts, following my blog and just peeking in. This is my first blog. I held off for soooo long thinking it was a glorified twitter space but with more room to regale the world with your every move. I started reading a friend’s blog and realized it was so much more. The potential was staggering. So I started this one. When I look back on my first posts I realize now that they were mostly twitter-ish in that there was nothing very profound or useful in them. I’ve read the wordpress posts and how-to’s, noticed what other people do with their blogs and started to experiment.

Some experiments were not very successful, but some did pretty well.

While I know that my blog is not the philosophical equivalent of Plato nor am I a “master” of anything, but a student of many things so there aren’t any “Do This This Way” posts or “look how much I know” posts, I have been trying harder to make my posts relevent, somewhat witty, meaningful to me in some way, and creatively minded. Sometimes I want to get something off my chest and sometimes I want people to get a giggle. My goal with this blog is to keep learning how to make it more interesting to my readers, fulfilling for me to do and get my creative juices flowing.

Sometimes it gets discouraging. When it does I whine at my blogging friend Patsye 😉  and try to regroup and see what else I can do to improve it.

So thank you for keeping me encouraged by coming and letting me know when you liked something. Thank you for your comments. I try to be pro-active in responding since I appreciate that fact that you took the time to come into my little corner of the internet to visit me.

If you have suggestions of things you would like to see, and if I am able to do those things, I will surely try to make this a place you like to sit and have a cuppa.


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One thought on “I’m late…

  1. And thank you. Your posts are YOU, and your MUSIC is wonderful too. There is no “right” way to blog. However or whatever you write; that’s what makes it YOUR blog.

    I’m just out of my sickbed, and feeling alive again, though I’m not completely well. Who knew a cold could be so debilitating. Perhaps I’m just getting old.

    Hope your email woes end. I know about those; been there and done that.

    Have a good holiday Monday! And keep blogging. Your site is GREAT!!!! Patsye

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