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Repurposed Plastic Spoons Rose @Craftzine.com blog

Tell me this is not the quirkiest, coolest thing ever! I know I’m going to be trying this one. Combine it with some colors or even the clear spoons for a crystal rose. Follow the links to see more pictures of them.

Repurposed Plastic Spoons Rose @Craftzine.com blog.


2 thoughts on “Repurposed Plastic Spoons Rose @Craftzine.com blog

  1. The concept is very appealing. I love recycling, but draw the line at plastics. If there is a smell to this, then we shouldn’t be doing it. I can almost guarantee that. When I solder jewelry I do so outside. I don’t trust just a fan for safety. Also I wear goggles.

    I read somewhere that we have laws governing what can be in eating utensils (and baby food containers) and that the Chinese could care less about these restrictions. Did you make any of these?

    I’ve had a bad cold and it’s taking a millennium to get over it. I hope to be back posting next week. I miss everyone, especially you. P

  2. I’m sorry you still feel so crappy! I miss seeing your smiling avatar 😉

    I’ve been collecting some spoons so I could try it. I think probably using one of those white masks would be enough to keep it safe. It’s too cold to do much of anything outside still.
    Unfortunately, since we keep farming out our jobs, we have no idea what we are eating, drinking, or touching most of the time.

    Hoping to try this really soon, tho. I’ll post how it comes out, either good or bad. lol.

    Get better, woman!

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