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The Llamas are coming, the Llamas are coming!

This hat is for my sister. I like it a lot, but it turned out to be more of a learning curve than I expected. You can find the pattern here: http://personal.smartt.com/~brianp/llamaHat.html . I loved the colors of it, the yarn was lovely to work with. It’s from Knit Picks. It’s 100% Peruvian Wool of the Andes. After having to redo it twice (grrr) I finally got it done. I still ran in to a little trouble with the stranding and tried to “fix” it. It seemed very large and “airy” though and I wondered how warm that would really be. I decided to felt it just a teeny bit to tighten it up and close some of the air gaps. In retrospect, not sure I should have done that with something that is supposed to be a present. I went just a TINY bit too far. I wore a damp wool hat all night to try to get it to keep its head shape. I’m not sure I really like the end result. I’m thinking of remaking the entire hat. I have enough yarn to do it. (thank God for ordering extra yarn!).  I think I would use one size smaller on the needles, but then worried it will be too small. Not sure what to do. I have a package coming from Knit Picks (bd presents!) and in there is a little tool thingy to help with stranding. Maybe I’ll wait until that comes.

The first picture, the hat on the girls head, is what it is supposed to look like. The following two are mine. I could really use some honest opinions. Really in a quandary here!


2 thoughts on “The Llamas are coming, the Llamas are coming!

  1. Wow! I’m completely, totally impressed. I couldn’t knit that if my life depended upon it. You are to be congratulated!!!!! I LOVE the colors.

    Large and airy is like feathers; creating a pocket of warm air. Your sister is lucky.

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