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Get thee to a Summary!

Hiya all. I know it’s been a few days, but things around here have been a little hectic. As you saw I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. I’m also working on a surprise for the sweetie. I’ll get pictures of it up when I finish it. Also, still working on my shawl. That’s going a bit slower because of the things I’ve been needing to finish first.

I’ve started collecting plastic spoons. 🙂 I really want to try making that plastic spoon rose.

No t-shirt is safe in the house. I will shortly be going all warfare on them; gathering them up and cutting them into t-shirt yarn. It will be t-shirt carnage.

Starting to think about my garden this year. I didn’t have one last year. Sweetie had knee replacement in the beginning of summer and I just couldn’t get it done. I don’t really plant a huge variety, but my favs are snow peas, yellow wax beans, birdhouse gourds and watermelon. I may even put in a few rows of corn. Not that I think I’ll really get much in the way of corn, but I love cornstalks for decorations in the fall and it’s nice not to have to pay for them. I’ll go through my seeds and see what else I have to plant. I love dried beans and I once grew some, but the animals ate almost all of them. I may try them again though.

I need to buy some netting this year. Last year the birds cleaned off my sour cherries right as they were getting ready to be picked. 😦  This year my blueberry bushes and my cherry tree will be netted. The blueberries are pitiful. I may just give up on those. Those poor bushes haven’t done diddly in 3 years, including grow. Sucks, too, because blueberries are one of my fav fruits.

Two summers ago I built a rough arbor to serve as a gate to my back yard. It was an ancient ladder and I cut it into two pieces. I dug holes and put the ends into the ground. I then collected small, long pieces of wood and nailed them across the top for stability and a primitive roof. I then planted Hall’s Honeysuckle on either side and that has grown wonderfully. Unfortunately, my poor arbor is falling over. So this year, the sweetie is making me a brand new arbor that will be more stable and will look beautiful. It will be strong enough for my honeysuckles to go like crazy. The whole yard smells amazing, especially in the evenings, when it is in bloom. Sometimes I even get a second blooming. I can’t wait.

The other big project for this summer is building a wooden frame around the wood piles on either side of our doors to keep the snow and ice off the wood better. We’ve been using tarps for the last 5 years, but they really don’t do a very good job. So we’ll build a freestanding frame around both of them (although we will attach the back poles to the house with brackets for stability and strength) and where the double doors to the outside are, we’re going to build another, but larger, arbor like the gate to the back yard. This one will have extended poles though so I can hang hanging planters from it. We’re going to start buying the wood now in bits and pieces so that by summer we have the materials to do it.  I really can’t wait.

I’ll be posting pictures of it as we progress on the projects. 🙂

I can’t wait for it to start getting at least a little bit warmer so that I can start getting rid of stuff. This year is house clean out year. LOL.  We started doing it last year but ran out of time and now all that stuff has been sitting in my front room. erg!

I’m also working on my display of gifts and jewelry in the store where I have it for sale. I’m rotating out all the winter stuff and going to be bringing in some spring/summer stuff and new items I’m going to be trying. I’ll put up some pictures of them when I get them made. I have three weeks to get some new stock up.

I want to leave you all with this information about Leap Year that I found. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Get thee to a Summary!

  1. Wow. You have plans. I loved hearing about the honeysuckle. I haven’t smelled that fragrance in years; not since we moved here. I’m not sure if it grows well in Florida.

    One of the million reasons I want to move is that I, too, want a garden. You can’t have one in my neighborhood. You can’t even have a swing set if you live on the course, which we do. Nothing outside of your lanai. Homeowner Association rules. I hate that about this place.

    When I left my last house my arbor was heavy with roses, fifteen years worth of climbing. I think that’s what sold the house. It was the entrance to a secret garden, which was really a brick patio surrounded by herbs and some flowers. Oh how I miss that yard.

    And I miss wood fires. I miss the smell of them and wish I had a wood pile. Our fireplace is gas, though frankly we NEVER turn it on. It’s like watching a stove. What’s the point?

    You’re so lucky. Can’t wait for the pictures. Have you made the spoon flower yet? Patsye

  2. I lived in Florida for close to a year and I never adjusted. I didn’t like anything about it other than Disney and that my sister wasn’t so far away. I know my sister has a very hard time getting a lot of things to grow. She even tried hydroponics and ran into a whole other set of issues, I believe. Without truly doing a massive re-landscaping and bringing in tons of good dirt/peat, etc. and giving your garden just enough shade to not burn the heck out of your plants, I don’t think its very easy to garden there. I’ve heard that from a lot of folks, at least.

    I love the smell of my stove. Even the little bit of smoke you get when you are loading it or just starting it, there is just something about that smell that is homey, comforting and full of memories.

    Roses don’t seem to do very well up here. It’s really not the right climate for floribunda types of roses. Wild Fairy roses, however, grow like weeds. I have two right now and both need to be cut back almost to the ground. By the time summer is over they are higher than the roof in both spots. I’m toying with the idea of perhaps trying to take cuttings and see if I can sprout up a bunch of them and make a rose hedge. I would have to do a lot of pruning but it might really be lovely.

    I haven’t done the spoon rose yet. The weather has been in the mid-60’s -70 and I’ve been drawn outside to start projects. I also have a deadline on getting some new jewelry made. I’m revamping my display case where I sell it and with spring almost here, I want to fill it with lighter, springy, summery style of things and put the darker, heavier, and winter-themed stuff away. Still saving spoons, too. lol

    I’m going to post my new stuff soon. My little shop page also needs updating and such.
    So much to do!

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