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A yarn by any other name…

is still a puzzle.

Let us harken back to the days of yesteryear. A young cubbyhole, we’ll call her Jeanie, learned to crochet. She was hooked, pun intended. She made lap blankets, pressies for her new nephew, placemats, toys and granny squares. Finally, picking out some colors she liked she went to Bradlees. (Some of you will remember that store fondly). There she picked out armfuls of Aunt Lydia’s rug yarns. (again some of you will recall that yarn…maybe not so fondly). Armed with her stash she proceeded to make a lot of granny squares with which to make a quilt for her bed.

This project took her a lot longer than she thought it would and eventually she decided to just make another lap quilt and began to stitch all those squares together. It was not really looking too bad on one side, but the other side, the seams were huge and bulky and not very comfortable. She also discovered that AL Rug yarn was not a very comfortable yarn for snuggling.

We return now to 2012 and the unsnuggly blanket.

Yes, it still exists. On top of that, I found at a flea market last year, a whole big tote of…..wait for it…wait for it….AL RUG YARNS!  I just had to buy it. It was really cheap and it was yarn. I am so yarn addicted….

Now what to do with it all….   The blanket is still around, but still unsoft, unsnuggly and yuckily seamed. I know they call it rug yarn, but all my rug yarn searches have show that rug yarn is considerably thicker. The colors are not really my favs anymore, although they aren’t bad. I have a lot of “fallish” colors, which I still like, but a lot of other colors, too.

What ideas have you guys got for all this yarn?

(BTW – how many of you remember when no bathroom worth its salt was without some of those gems in them? <grins>)


One thought on “A yarn by any other name…

  1. OMG! Are you kidding me? Punch needle, or rug hooking!!!! You really should try this. I’ll help you, though I think just about everything you’d ever want to know about the subject is on my blog, or on Youtube. It’s my obsession of the year, and I can’t stop punching, though actually I’m hooking at the moment. Wait. That doesn’t sound right. But you know what I mean. You need to try this, especially since you have all this yarn now. Patsy

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