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Have pots will paint

So it’s almost 70 degrees out, bright and sunny under a blue sky, an though I have tons of things to do inside, I’m going OUT! Over the weekend we actually found some yard sales and found one place that takes you 2 hours just to walk through. They have a lot of commercial, industrial, medical buyouts as well as lots of furniture items and yard sale in general type items. It was heaven. LOL. Some of the prices were high, but he was willing to dicker and I love to dicker so we did good.

One room was nothing but medical glassware. Brand new, of course. Pyrex as far as the eye could see. lol. Beakers, tubes, test tubes, glass containers in more sizes and shapes than you ever knew they came in. Everything to set up your own mad scientist lab…. ::hmmm…::

Anyway…I found tons of these and having seen various crafts done with them, and being that they are very hard to find, I splurged and got myself three. I plan to make little terrariums in them to hang in my windows. The test tubes I’m going to wire wrap and drop beads from and make hanging bud vases. He has thousands of these things and I think we’re going to work out a better price if I like how they turn out and if they sell.

Sorry about the crappy display, but you get the idea. 🙂

Next project started today, my row of quirky pots. Here’s the deal. I got, from a neighbor who was moving, tons of clay pots. I mean I only got half of them and there were still tons. They have been sitting for the last two years, covered with a tarp to keep as much ice out of them as I could. The yard is our main focus this year and so last fall, I dug them out and pondered what to do with them. (and yes, I still have more lol). Several years ago I had wanted to have sunflowers along the fence by the road. Finding the kind I wanted though proved expensive and more than I wanted to spend just for a tough of whimsy. I had real ones, and I loved them, but it proved to be a mess later when I wanted some thing more permanent.

Then I looked at my pots and thought…. I could stick them on the poles, paint them and make a line of pot people! So sweetie and I put them up, but left them unpainted in case I didn’t like how it looked afterall. I did though, so now that it’s getting warm, I bought some paint and today was the day! I went out and painted all my little pots. I’m logging piccies of this project as I go. This is just a first step, but I already love the effect. I’m also buying some “hedges” to go along that fence. There are barberry bushes, which badly need a trim, but I want something a little prettier. The barberries really did not look the way I thought they would but after it taking 6 years for them to finally start growing, I’m not taking them out.

Anyway, the pots will get pretty designs painted on them and some of them will have faces. Those will also probably get some kind of hair/hat but I haven’t worked out the specifics yet.

I also planted 20 freesia bulbs. Hopefully they will live. lol.


3 thoughts on “Have pots will paint

  1. I love brightly-colored anything, and those pots (where did you get all those pots?) are adorable. Trim back the hedge judiciously and each cut will give you two new stems. This will thicken it up and provide that British hedgerow look you probably want. What a beautiful road. I wish I lived there.

    I, too, have an affinity for beakers. I use them in some of my assemblage art. I’ll send you a picture of some of the crazy things I’ve made with them. Or perhaps I’ll blog. Can’t wait to see your posts on terrariums.

    This was a nice read. Thanks for sharing. Patsye

  2. The neighbor had been collecting pots for like 65 years. When they moved, I and another neighbor, got the bounty. I STILL have tons of pots left. lol.

    You’re right. The hedges are a definite priority this year. It took them probably 3 years before they decided whether or not they felt like growing, but when they finally made up their minds, they took off. I’m looking into some willow hedges, though. They grow reallllly fast and fill in nicely…or so the websites say. 😉 I want to see a few more pictures of them before making up my mind, though. They will grow seriously tall, but I’ll need to keep them at about 6 ft. so that they don’t block the sun from hitting my garden.

    I would love to see your “beaker art”! I bought something called water beads to put in them. I’ve never used them before but I think they should look gorgeous as the sun filters through them. I wonder how they would work in my window boxes? My poor plants never live in my window boxes. Sighs. )I’m not very good about getting out there to water every day…what a pain. lol )

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