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Cookies! Me love Cookies!

I know I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’ve tried to take advantage of the gorgeous weather this week and get some things done outside. I’ve also been trying to wrap up some projects and try others out.

I gave myself a deadline of the 24th to have a new supply of jewelry/gifts made for my display at the store where I sell things; Keepin’ It Local in Athol, Mass. I’ll post those soon as I get them finished.

My sister’s hat is getting mailed out on Friday. Unfortunately too late for her to use it this winter, but hopefully for next.

Took on another project that I’ve wanted to try for some time now. I finally have enough materials to do it with and am finishing it up today. (hopefully). I’ll post that one, too.

In the meantime, I finished a project for my hubby. For a little back story…

When we were first married, as most young couples, we didn’t have a pot to piss in. We decided for our anniversary we would make each other something. He made me a beautiful teak box and put my name on the top with cape may diamonds and pretty pebbles (which we got when we went there on our honeymoon and the pebbles were from Stafford Forge, NJ where we went on our first date). I made him a flannel stuffed bear. He had never had a teddy bear so I made him one.

Now, 23 years later, the bear is a bit worse for wear. Flannel doesn’t hold up that well apparently. So Flannel Bear is now lovingly sitting on a shelf to spend his remaining years. Since the sweetie loves Cookie Monster I went looking for a pattern…and found a great one. I had never done anything like this so it was interesting. I think it turned out pretty well though and at least is recognizable as “The CM”.

The pattern was free from http://a-crochet-ninja.blogspot.com/ .  The yarn she used however was no longer available. It is a yarn from the UK, but they stopped making that particular color. I used Angel Hair yarn. It’s the same yarn I used for his scarf and worked out really nicely. He is soft, furry and totally cuddly. He is also about double, or more, the size that hers came out. I used 3.5 balls of the yarn to make this. The cookie was my addition and made with scraps of the peruvian wool that I used for my sister’s hat. What’s a Cookie Monster without a cookie after all?




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