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Stock Up Time!

Well, it’s time to switch things up a bit on my shelves at “Keepin’ It Local” in Athol, MA. I have a large display case there where I sell the jewelry/gifts that I make. I wanted to change  things up for spring/summer. I took a few pictures of them, but only three turned out decently. Tomorrow I will be taking some more pics so I’ll have them up here tomorrow. For now though.. here ya go! The ones on either end are shell flowers. The cloud in the middle is made with polymer clay and the beads are glass and crystal beads. I’ll try to get better pic tomorrow of the shell ones.

These are my newest earrings. (I have another rack of them I’ll get a piccy of tomorrow). The wire ones are really bright colors and really shiny and pretty. There are a couple glass beads mixed in there that I just thought were cute. The others are Peanut Butter and Jelly sets and I made those with polymer clay. The pot in the background I made with  clay pot/tray then painted them.

Ok, I call these Head People. These are fun and quirky and each one has its own personality. You don’t really get to see the details like the purple bow on the back of Red Hat Lady or the flower on the sun bonnet, or the mohawk on the back one, but you get the idea. I had/have tons of ideas for these but they do take a surprising amount of time to do all the detailing. They are fun though and folks like them for everything from little desk friends to bingo buddies. lol.
The blue necklace to the side I made with polymer clay and glass dark lucite beads. I may just redo that one though. I prefer using glass/stone/crystal.

More to come tomorrow!  🙂



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