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A couple more pictures…

of my newer stuff in the shop for sale.

The pins on the left are kilt pins. They are beautiful as decorative pins, but they also work great as scarf pins, shawl pins or hat pins.  The set on the right is carnelian (I believe) and yellow turquoise necklace and earring set.


I don’t recall where I read about it, but it turns out that cone incenses are persnickety to burn. Usually they are set standing on their fat end and lit from the top, but they don’t burn down all the way. That means wasted money and wasted incense. If you turn them upside down and burn them from the bottom up, you solve that problem. It’s very hard to find such a burner to do that with, however, and most don’t even know there is a fix to this burning dilemma. So….  I decided to make some burners for cones. I made 4 to try it out and see if anyone was interested. They were and all 4 sold out pretty quickly. So I made more and these are the newest ones. They are made out of polymer clay and are each a quirky in their own way. Viva la inscense! 🙂



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