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U is for…

UNABLE to find any “U” knitting stitches. lol.

Unique – No matter how many times I make something over again, it never seems to be exactly the same. There is always some little thing about it that changes the whole look. I like that.

Universal – Every culture seems to have their own method of knitting/crocheting. It’s really amazing when you start looking into it. A simple cast-on and there are so many ways to do it, depending on where you learned it or from whom, and yet…someone sees you knitting/crocheting and even if they don’t speak your language, they know what you are doing and can show you things.

Unbelievable – That’s how I feel whenever I learn something new. I do a project that had a learning curve and when it’s done…I think to myself, ‘that’s unbelievable that it came out!’.

Utilitarian – Warm socks, gloves, sweaters, scarves. Pretty lacy shawls, shirts, vests and jackets. Adorable accessories for around the house and toys that bring a smile to the face of those lucky enough to receive one.

Unafraid – to try new patterns. Sometimes I have to remember I can always take it out if it doesn’t come out right and there is no reason to be afraid to try.

Unbalanced – after you’ve tried and frogged that new pattern 5 times…

Underwear…I’ve seen knitting tushy cushies and well…. ’nuff said.

Unflinching – Knitters are unflinching in the face of those who don’t understand making socks rather than buying Walmart socks and making gloves when you can buy them for $1 just about anywhere.

Unnecessary – more yarn? ok yes, its necessary. There is no such thing as unnecessary yarn. 😉

Unisex – you can make anything for anyone with complete freedom.

Useful – for keeping your mind, and hands, occupied when they need to be; ei…sitting in hospital waiting rooms, during menopause attacks, waiting for kids events to be over, when the cable or electricity is out (must keep a flashlight handy), when its cold out and the woodstove is just to toasty not to sit in front of it.

What “U’s” can you think of?


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