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Shutters… Part 1

With the color all selected and bought, it was only a matter of waiting for some dry, warm days to start on my shutters. I got 4 of the 6 shutters half-way done. I need to scrape and paint the backs of them. I didn’t do that last time and figured this time I would give them at least one coat to help protect the wood.

If you recall I had asked for opinions on various shutter colors in this post . You guys had some great ideas, but most of you liked the one I liked the best, too. The lightest blue was just a little too bright. The medium blue was a little darker, but still had that bright cottage-y look. The darkest blue just didn’t float my boat. So here it is… the medium blue! I have to say.. I love it!




2 thoughts on “Shutters… Part 1

  1. Well done! This is an awesome shade of blue. You are going to smile every time you look at your house. I want shutters like that now too!

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