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Walked around the yard today…part 2

This little tree is my pride and joy. I always wanted an evergreen tree in my yard that would grow with our time in the house, our marriage, etc.

When I was little every single picture we took was in front of the blue spruce in the front of the house. You could watch the tree grow with me and my sister.  When we bought our house I wanted to get one the first year, but that didn’t work out. So this was gotten our second year.

It was touch and go, since it was only about 15 inches tall when I got it. I thought it would never start growing, but now it shoots up every year. It’s finally even big enough to decorate at Christmas time so I can see the light when I’m working in the kitchen. I love my little tree. Here it is with all its new shoots.

How would you like it if the very air around you was perfumed? At our house at this time of the year, it is. The entire side of the front of the house is purple and white lilacs. We figure these are probably over 100 years old. It’s hard to tell but they are almost up to the roofline on the second floor. They were a bit bigger and fuller until the ice storm a couple years ago, but even with the damage they took, (one was laying down on the ground completely), they still bloomed and started reaching again for the sun.

They are just coming into bloom and the air around the whole house smells amazing.

Lastly, I took at look at my old arbor. I made this 🙂 I cut an olddddde ladder in half, stuck the ends in the dirt and put striplings across the top for a “roof” and for support. The roof is gone because my husband had to duck his head all the time. (snickers), but the sides remain. They are held up now by my Hall’s Honeysuckle. I adore the smell of Honeysuckle and knew I would have tons of it around my house someday. This is doing really well. It’s been cut back to almost nothing twice now and just keeps bushing up thicker. this summer its getting pulled down, the gate I mean, and a whole new arbor is going to be built with a good gate that the puppy can’t get through. So this is the swan song of my faithful little gate and arbor. Honestly, it’s nothing short of a miracle they lasted this long. LOL.

The bushes on either side of them are my red raspberries. They came from a friend’s mom’s yard and are an heirloom variety that has been in her yard for years and years. I don’t know the name, but the berries are beyond wonderful. They’re huge and sweet and juicy. Raspberry bushes can be a bit invasive, but I just pull the shoots I don’t want and leave the rest.  The more bush, the more berry. yay!

Addendum: I finally have a real composter! We got it this weekend. Doing it in a pile just wasn’t working out. The stuff was all just getting eaten. Now I have to do a bit of research on getting it started. 🙂




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