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Walked around the yard today…Part 3

You know… I was thinking about this post and realized this is more or less a journal of my yard throughout the summer. That’s sort of cool. I’m watching my yard change as the season changes and documenting it. I like this. You will all probably get sick of my pictures before this is over. LOL.

Anyway, I put some new plants in and took pictures of just a few of them. All but two are perennials. I’m too old to do the 150 annuals thing anymore. I actually prefer, not just the ease of perennials, but also the expectation of seeing what made it through the winter and watching them come up. God did good when He made plants and animals. (except spiders and snakes <grins>)

First up for today was a wonderful surprise. I was out back with the dogs and saw an odd gap in my honeysuckle bush beside the sad gate. I went over to see why and found this. I looked in closer and saw it had a little occupant. I can’t wait to document this!

Mamma was not happy about me taking a picture just now because we had startled her already moving the gate to let the dogs out.


Next up for your viewing pleasure…Spiderweb Hens and Chicks. This is one of the new plants I put in. I also put in one pot of regular Hens and Chicks, but had never heard of this variety so I took a photo of it. Both plants are tucked into the part that is supposed to look like a dry river bed so I think they will look pretty as they spread. I have to work on the river bed a little more, but it’s off to a good start.

The next picture is one of those wierd things you just have to laugh about and which make my point about perennials. I had planted, apparantly, Hollyhocks in my side garden. The birds or wind or something decided to transplant a seed. Last year this came up and since it didn’t look like a weed, although I had no idea whatit was, I let it go. Mind you these Hollyhocks were planted a couple years ago and only last year did anything. It’s sure going like gangbusters though this year. It has a sister that actually is in the side garden, but this one is a diehard. I’ll probably transplant after it blooms.



Another new plant I put in was Yellow Lamium. I also put in a new Silver-Leaf Purple Lamium, but I hadn’t heard of the yellow ones before. I know there are pinkish ones, but I just had to get two of

the yellow ones. This has the darker green variegated leaves and looks really pretty up against the wood chips. I hope it spreads as well as the purples ones. I just put these in yesterday and they haven’t missed a beat in moving into their new digs. (haha pun intended) The purple one has already started blooming. yay!

Last up for today are little Johnny Jump-Ups. They are either that or Violas. Honestly, I think they may be the same thing with a different name. Either way I thought they were cute and I even tried am artsy-fartsy look to the picture.










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