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Busy and Bleary-eyed

Yep, that’s me. I’ve been sewing, ripping and hooking together all yesterday and for the last 3 hours. It’s 5:06 am and trust me… the bleary-eyed is true. Still thought I would show you what I did…well, a couple of them at least.

This picture is that pair of pants I put up in this post. I made a purse, change bag and card bag. The picture isn’t the best, but its doable. 🙂

The second picture is my “sheet yarn” balls that I made from a large sheet I picked up this weekend. The color is hard to tell, but its a light beigey color. I have another piece of material in dark brown-rust that will look really nice with it. Tell you what though…that’s a really tedious job: tearing, snipping, hooking together… oi! Next time I’ll hook as I go so I don’t have the mess I had to deal with last night and this morning.

Ok that’s it for now. Time for BED! lol.

I have more things to get made this afternoon to sell at the store, so I’ll post a piccy of them later.

Have fun all!


2 thoughts on “Busy and Bleary-eyed

  1. I know how easy it is to loose track of time when you get involved with projects 🙂 Judy

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