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Shutters…Part 2

I’m sensing a pattern here. lol.

Ok, well, since you all helped me make up my mind on the color and you saw them painted, I thought you might like to see them on the house. Now this is a work in progress, so is the house, so the yard work is still a bit sketchy, the front door has not yet been painted (I’m going to paint the old one for looks, but hopefully that will get replaced before the summer is over), and the piece of missing siding still needs to get put up. We’re making progress though in the backyard with some large-ish projects when we can get a dry day, so we’ll get it it in time.

I do love the shutters, though, and I already know what I’m going to do to decorate them. I’ll let that be a surprise. 😉








As you can see, the side garden has overflowed the wall and is taking over the driveway. lol. All those daisies are starting to bloom now. I’ll move them after they are done blooming. I didn’t expect all those. Don’t you just love the surprises you get with gardens? The evening primroses are getting tall and the bee balms are smelling good and getting tall as well. The pinks are starting to get buds on them so they will be blooming soon.

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE the color of my shutters? It really brightens up the house and gives it that cottagey look that I was going for. The next step is going to really “quaint” things up even more. <grins>

Stayed tuned for the next update 🙂


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