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Walked around the yard today…Part 5

So ya sick of these yet? lol. I’m having fun with them. This post actually encompasses the last 9 days. It’s been busy, scary, freaky and creative and it’s been keeping me tired and too pooped to think about posting much.

Now you may recall that in this post from May 22, Walking around the yard today…Part 4 , I had included the picture of the little critter I found in my bed. Well…. having recovered from that little “surprise” let’s move to the 23rd. The dogs wake me up bright and early by losing their minds and looking at something behind me as they stomp on my sleeping face. I throw on my glasses and I see….a snake. Yep, a snake winding its way in among my totes and bags of yarn. Not IN them thankfully, but between them.

Ok look…I try to be live and let live… but the caveat to that is that only counts so long as things stay OUT of my house. I don’t even like snakes outside, but I know they serve a purpose. (which I have to remind myself of every time I see one). But INSIDE…is another story. I really don’t like snakes. Sorry all you folks that like them, but they creep me out.

The hubby wasn’t home. I was alone with this thing. I had to do something. I won’t go into details other than to say this. It got away from me. I couldn’t find it again. I was totally freaked out and then the dog found it again. This time I got it. I got it into a box and put it outside. When the hubby was home we drove it several miles away and let it go. It turned out to be a Milk Snake. Ususally we see garter snakes and it freaked me out that I didn’t know what this was, but it didn’t even look like it had teeth. (It does but they are very small). I had no idea if it was poisonous or not. Thankfully, it wasn’t since the pup was trying to play with while I was trying to catch it.

Actually I read up on them and they are a bit interesting.. for a snake. It was thought that they used to latch onto the udders of cows and drink the milk from the teats, hence the name, but that was a myth. They don’t do that. They also try to imitate rattlesnakes by dipping their tails into the leaves or whatever that is under it and shaking their tail so that it sounds like rattling. They do have teeth, but they are small and non-poisonous, although because they eat small rodents and baby animals, they can carry salmonella which can make you good and sick. Milk Snakes also have a rough “Y” or “V” on the top of their heads which differentiates them from copperheads, which they can be mistaken for.

Anyway enough of that. Even the picture creeps me out. He was glad to be out of the box when we released him.

After I totally freaked out once the adrenline and panic wore off, I was sitting in my chair trying to nurse a cup of tea that I could barely hold in my shaking hands when I saw the pup with something in her mouth. Yep, you got it.. another baby (we think it is) rat. Omg.. I was a mess all over again. I know you cat people are used to “presents” like this, but I most assuredly am not. Although to be honest… after the snake, I was less upset about that than I had been the day before. ROFL. It’s all perspective, I guess.

On to more pleasant things… Here are some pictures of what’s blooming right now. If you run your mouse over the picture it will tell you what’s pictured. Hope you enjoy these!






2 thoughts on “Walked around the yard today…Part 5

  1. That snake looks terrifying!!!!! How did it get into your house do you know? You’re much braver than me, as soon as I couldn’t find the snake I would’ve thrown everything open and left the house lol. Your flowers look beautiful! I especially love the clematis; the way the outside of the petals start white and gradually turn dark pink is amazing 🙂

    • we have a couple ideas, but until it stops raining… if it EVER stops raining…there’s not much we can do to fix those places. Fieldstone foundation doesn’t help, either. hehe. My flowers are amazing this year to be sure. Okay, that’s a good thing about the rain.

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