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Walked around the yard today…part 6

Here is an update on what’s happening in my yard. I’m really enjoying doing this series, I must say. I think my photography is getting better and as you will see, I’ve been playing with some things. ūüôā

These daisies are the ones I told you all about earlier. They are now blooming and spilling out of the garden and into the driveway. I won’t let the sweetie mow them, though. ūüôā I’ll transplant some of the clusters after they are done blooming. The purple in the background are Garden Phlox. Those are the tall ones, not to be confused with Creeping Phlox, which I also have a lot of.









I have these beauties all over my yard. They are so easy to replant anywhere you want a splash of color. They are really this brilliant a yellow, also. They make me smile when I see them blooming.








My favorite time of the summer is when my Hall’s Honeysuckle is in full bloom.¬† I have tons of these and¬†the yard¬†smells so beautiful you just take huge sniffs when you are out there.








These are both Garden Phlox blooms. I picked one and put it in a tiny little blue glass bottle. It’s sitting by my computer and it’s just so cute I had to share it. ūüôā










I forget what these are called, but I’ll find out. I have them in two colors. They’re doing great in¬†containers. I think they’re annuals, which I don’t do a lot of, but¬†for my containers they’re perfect. I love¬†the soft pastels they come¬†in.








And right next to¬†my masses of Hall’s Honeysuckle are my red raspberries. I don’t know the variety because they¬†were a gift from a friend. They came out of her mom’s garden and are an heirloom variety. That’s all I know, other than that they are large and¬†YUMMY!¬†This is my third year with them and I’m already having to keep an eye out for¬†escapees. I’m trying to keep them a LITTLE contained in an area. lol.¬†I have two clumps of these and both are massive this year with literally thousands of about to¬†ripen up berries. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be jam time this year!¬†This is the first red one I’ve seen. It’s not ready yet, but it’s letting me know to get my berry bowl ready!








When we¬†bought our house it¬†had been terribly neglected.¬†Virtually nothing¬†had been done to the landscape to make it look pretty. It didn’t even have its shutters on. We couldn’t wait to see what came up in the summer though. Someone apparantly liked Daylilies because we have hundreds of them everywhere. They’re almost all these pretty orange Tigerlilies. There are a few in the back that I “think” are Asian lilies, but not sure. Anyway, they are just starting to bloom. These are one of my sweetie’s favorites in the yard.







This is another of my Peonies. The ones that are blooming now are almost pure white with just the barest hint of pink in the interior. I just had to take a shot of this one. It looked so pretty.








This year is going to¬†be a¬†flowering year for my¬†Yucca plant!¬† It seems to bloom every other year, or¬†every¬†two years. The flowers are so cool and pretty. I’ll be sure to put up pics of them. Funny thing about this plant…¬† a friend gave¬†it to me in the beginning of summer.¬†I put it in a bucket with lots of water.¬†Honestly, it was a ragged looking thing and I¬†forgot all about it. It sat in the bucket with all the rainwater and stagnant water and stank.¬†But it still showed signs of life, barely, so I planted it finally in the fall. I¬†really didn’t think it would survive the winter. For one thing it was pretty crapped out looking when I planted it finally. For another I¬†thought yucca were a¬†hot¬†climate, deserty plant. It’s not gonna like winter up here.

Lo and behold, the next summer it was up. It’s been flourishing and in fact is getting HUGE. I may have to look into how to trim it back. But in the meantime, here it is, ready to blossom. yay!

So there you have it; what’s happening in my yard right now. Stay tuned for part 7!


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